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120+ Articles To Date = 2 Book Drafts

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Have You Ever Failed?

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Yeah I agree on the amateur thing, but I think as an artist there is the opportunity to make what…

I like this article.

If you are a skeptic, as all good investigators of the nature of reality and existence should be…

Ok, thanks for the clarification.

Is this The Writing Co-op’s writers payment arrangement or payments via Medium’s partner program?

Podcast: The Homeless Guy On The Liffey Quays

TDL038 A Purposeful Accident?

TDL037 More On The Homeless

The title says a lot, but you’ll have to read it and make of it what you will - if it grabs you…

A Return Of Sorts

TDL036 The Homeless Bloke

Yeah, we’re on the same page.

Congratulations Kevin T 👍

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How To Set Up Thank You Pages In Mailchimp

I watched this previously.

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Zero comments on this post?…Interesting. Not sure about this promo yet…

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Thanks for reading Anirudh, much appreciated.

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Lazy Sunday Morning Thoughts On Slow Paced Life

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Idiot spamhead. You know this shit doesn’t work, right? Maybe (obviously) not.

Podcast: Keeping Your Art Real With Harry Hoban

Podcast: Why The Standard Working Model Is Broken

Introduction To The Larb Podcast

Monday Marketing Issue 002

057 - Are You Wasting Your Time?

Agreed 100%

056 - Make Something Different

055 - The Larb: New Podcast Launching Soon

How To Import Contacts To Mailchimp

054 - Marketing: A Dirty Word For Creatives

How To Avoid Spam Filters When Sending Emails From Mailchimp [Video Tutorial]

Monday Marketing Issue 001

I wouldn’t say marketing music is any harder than marketing any other product.

053 - How To Ensure Our Children’s Success

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Writing for The Mission?

The 7 Deadly Sins Of Email Marketing

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052 - I Feel The Pull Of Drawing Again

What To Do When Nobody Is Listening

Easy choice - keep making stuff 👍

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050 - How To Become A Patreon

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047 - What It Takes To Make Great Coffee & Other Important Things

046 - How To Break Bad Habits

Is There A Link Between Creativity & Mental Illness?

Congratulations and continued success 🏆

Congratulations man. Inspirational 🏆

048 - “You’re Wrong. You’re Trying To Make Talentless People Feel Good”.

044 - Rustley Packet Man - I’m Going To Kill You!

Very cool Chloe!

New one here for you Chloe 💚

043 - Nursing A Damaged Ego

045 - Creative Play: Here’s What Can Happen When It’s Missing

Seolar: I’m Just Building This Out


042- Time For A Clear Out

041 - The Psychology of Creativity: A Research Project

040- How To Be Understood

039 - What Is Self Efficacy?

038 - What Do You Really Want?

Nice one! I started writing every day on 17 May this year (I think).

Article 037 Is Over Here ->>>

How To Overcome Writer’s Block: 52 Ways To Free Your Creative Juices

036 - Know Your Audience

036 - SEO For Artists

035 - The Inherent Beauty In Old Things

Lovely Sean, thanks for reading!

I hope you told your friend where to go :-)

034 - What Makes A Good Pint

Hey Dawn, that’s good to hear.

033 - Small Is The New Big

032 - The Power Of Stories

I’ll give you a 💚 just for the headline….

031 - To Build Or Not To Build…

030- The Power Of Rhythm & Momentum

029 - The Rhythm

028 - A Purposeful Accident

027 - The Man Who Didn’t Come Home

“How To Be Happy”

026 - Time To Hit The Reset Button

025 - Setting Your Anchor

024 - Unproductive Days Are Shit

023 - Who’s In Charge Here?

022 - Being Comfortable Outside The Machine

You know I honestly thought that first line was tongue-in-cheek, but as I read on it became…

021 - Why I’m Making This

020 - Creativity And Business

Thanks for the link Jake.

I like it. Thanks for writing

019 - Building A Marketing Plan

018 - How To Lose 14 Pounds In A Week

017 - Technology Is Changing Everything

016 - Why Keep Showing Up?

015 - The Death Of The Cheese & Onion Sandwich

014 - You Want It To Look Good, Don’t You?

Well it’s obvious isn’t it… the dog took a shit on the carpet 😬

What A Shot!

I remember probably about 6 years ago I was doing a small job in Malahide.

013 - Why Does Lindsey Buckingham Play?

On Simply Writing

My 10 year old son is a huge Roald Dahl fan.

You’re very welcome Michael. It’s an interesting concept and I hope to be around to see it happen.

012 - What Makes Good Coffee Good

011 - Buying The Experience

010 - Guts Over Fear

I hears ya brother.

The Squirrel

009 - The Compelling Urge To Write

008 — The Art Of Patience

007- Bridging The Gap

Love that quote Mateo!

No doubt. I actually do expect a bang, been thinking so for a while now.

I accept this problem is real, things are changing big time in the entire western world.

We might be waiting another 50 or 100 years after 2035 to see this kind of society.

006 - Embracing The Solitude

I’m on Blacknight servers.

Done. Thanks for posting Taylor, I owe you one!

Hey Taylor, thanks for posting this. I didn’t realise I needed to do this.

What Is Creativity?

005 - Putting The Hours In

004 - Break The Rules

I know the feeling 🙂

Awesome! Congratulations, it’s s big deal to write a book even under what we term “normal”…

Let’s do it! Patent pending by the end of the week lol!

You have a point from a certain limited perspective, however in my opinion it should be the the…

Great stuff Sand. Continued success to you 🍻

003- Going With The Flow

Sounds like my story. Remarkably similar! All the best with your book Lazyguru

Rajat, get your hands on “Become What You Are” by Alan Watts.

What strikes me about the concept of unconditional love is that none of us know what it is, not…

002 - The Hard Sell

You’re very welcome Demian 👍 great article #lessIsMore

001 - Is Rising Early Really The Secret To Success?

No sweat!

The Complexity In Simple Tasks

This 10000 hour thing is rubbish.

It’s a Western world mindset that can’t see the hypocrisy, it’s dysfunctional and quite insane.

This came up today in an audio lecture I’m listening to from Alan Watts.

When poison is delivered gradually over a long time, like the poisons in cigarettes for example…

The Sky Is On Fire

When Death Comes

Zen In The Art of Laundry Making

What Is StoryBy?

Want To Turn Your Art Into A Business? Here’s 9 Things You Need To Do

The perfect to and fro, yang yin partnership.

You would have got a welcome email from me Laura.

The Joy of Having Nothing To Do

The Unemployable Generation

They’re out there, no doubt about it.

I got excited there!

That’s exactly why your work is important.

Yes absolutely. I think that’s accurate.

Hello Lincoln, maybe you can help me with this… I’ve recently edited my publications description…

Storymaker: A New Publication Promoting Freedom, Creativity & Art In Our Work

Contribute Your Work On Storymaker

Are We Killing Our Children’s Creativity?

I like the the three legged still analogy.

Thanks for reading Mateo.

Yes I agree with you there Vico.

Is A Round Of Applause & A Cheque Selling Out?

It comes from the creative space, when we make things purely for the sake of it, without ulterior…

How Did I End Up Here, Stuck In This Shitty Work?

Yeah I think it’s a case of being stuck on the fence and getting used to that place.

Well Jessan, that’s just about as awesome a response to The Artist’s Manifesto that I could…

Thanks very much for reading Valeria I’m glad you got value from it.

I dunno man, I read the Smithsonian article and for me there’s no easy or hard with creativity.

Do We Have Free Will Or Is Life Deterministic?

3 Cornerstone Traits Of The Successful Full Time Writer

Nice one Brian, give it loads!

You’re right Linda, that idea keeps too many of us in the shadows. Thanks a million for joining!

Becoming An Expert & The Creative’s Greatest Challenge

The Artist’s Manifesto

What Is An Artist & Who Qualifies To Be One?

The Story Of Anne Doyle’s House

Jake many thanks for the mention!

I’ll have to agree.

Did They Say You’re Daydreaming Too Much? Read This

“Self-consciousness is the enemy of all art, be it acting, writing, painting, or living it’s self…

Memory Blocking: Why You Can’t Find Shit You Lost

I 100% agree, totally crazy stuff.

Thanks for reading KD.

Can totally relate with you Gwynne.

There Are No Mistakes In Creative Endeavor, Here’s Why.

Good for you Pat. Just start, develop the habit 👍

It’s silence and solitude for me, unless I’m writing something that in already well schooled in…

Awesome Michelle, delighted you liked it ❤️

There Is No Time

Sounds like good advice. Many thanks Allison

16 Powerful SEO Best Practices Every Smart Creative Needs To Know

How School Kills Creativity & Artistic Individuality & What To Do About It

Eddie Vedder is a larger than life human.

Yeah I remember watching this movie as a kid.

To believe there can be happiness without sadness is naive and self destructive.

Writing Every Day :: Here’s The Jackanory So Far

I like your style 👍


Hahaaa! Amen brother.

Hi Jon Jackson, Introverted, yes.

If You’re Gonna Say Fuck, Just Say Fuck


How To Spread Ideas That Matter

Sound like a good move Karen.

It’s not too hard to get caught up in what we think we should be doing – too much data.

OK, Maybe I’m An Asshole, Don’t Take It Personally.

A reasonable suggestion…

I’ve heard this quote before. What was it taken from?

How To Beat Your Competition: What Every Creative Needs To Know

Awesome advisors to have by your side. More power to you.

Something…an idea.

Day 9: I’d Rather Stay In Bed All Day, I Must Be Useless, Lazy or Depressed.

Thanks for the mention Jake, much appreciated. You triggered a new story for me. I’ll pen today.

Nice concept Tim.

Thanks for reading Ravi.

Day 8: 50 Reasons Why It’s All Going To End In Tears (& Why It Doesn’t Matter)

Thanks for the mention Ian, much appreciated.

Awesome. More of that please Ray 👌

Bad buzz Danna.

Day 7: How Did We Get Here, Why Are We Here & Where Are We Going?

I like your style Eugène.

Nice one Ian, much appreciated indeed! And thanks very much for reading.

Day 6: Memories & The Writer’s Mind

You know Nick, I agree with you.

Hey Ravi, thanks for taking the time to read.

Day 5: Why Men Grow Beards And Women Don’t Understand

Day 4: The Importance Of Making Stuff

Class act, love it!

I’ll go with that.

Nice 1 Gina Walker 👌

Keep ‘er lit Greg ‘Dinchamion’ Fazekas 👍

There’s Nothing Like Being Backed Into A Corner To Discover Who You Are

Day 3: Why People Who Make Stuff Are Great

Day 2: Why Do We Procrastinate?

The 365 Day Writing Challenge

Bought it there the other day. Haven’t started reading yet but looking forward to it.

The Page 3 Girl & The Child of Prague

Some Light Reading

Yes I agree in large part with what you say but there are exceptions.

Why Do We Idolise The Few?

Contribute A Short Story

About Making Time To Focus, Creating Regularly, Even Becoming Prolific

100% agree.

Nicely laid out Emily.

Ray Bradbury said; “write every day of your life, read intensely then see what happens.”

Nice one Shawn, thanks for taking the time to read!

You know I didn’t censor myself on that one, I just wrote how I felt that day.

Thanks for commenting.

Good stuff Michelle, I’m following your example. ❤️

I know a song about miners…

Content has been made a commodity, I agree, but not by everyone and your idea that it has is more…

Writing is useless if no one reads it.

I’ve a similar “goal”…Just joined your list. :-)

I’m not sure I agree with that completely.

Goal Setting Is Bollocks To Me

Are Your Intimate Relationships A Car Crash? Maybe This Is Why

The Dishwasher: A Metaphor For Life