If You’re Gonna Say Fuck, Just Say Fuck

Forget the little asterisk in place of the middle letters for Christ sake. Spare us the pseudo concern for our sensitivities

To fuck or not to fuck…

Forget the little asterisk in place of the middle letters for Christ sake. Spare us the pseudo concern for our sensitivities

So many of us are so hung up on words.

This trend I see where writers replace a letter in the word Fuck for a asterisk is just plain stupid.

I mean c’mon, I don’t mean to offend you or anything but it’s dumb.

I won’t pretend to understand the motivation behind not using the word in full but I think I can offer one or two reasonable assumptions.

  1. The writer is trying to save someone else’s blushes. Or,

  2. The writer is trying to save their own.


You know the word you’re using and everyone else knows it too, so why don’t you just fucking use it?

Or maybe it’s some other reason…

Can someone help me understand this because I’m not getting it…

Is It A Sex Thing?

We’ve no problem plastering pictures of dead children on the beach all over the internet to make a point.

Or images of soldiers killing people, or bombs dropping on people, or some other scene of devestation.

But when it comes to using the word Fuck everyone loses their fucking minds!

Whatever about using the word Fuck, you certainly better not show two people fucking.

That’s completely out of the question.

How insane is this?

The single most important act to all human existence and people find it offensive. We’d rather see scenes of violence than two people having sex, having fun.

I think we have lost our minds, if in fact we’ve ever actually had one to begin with.

It’s Only A Word

My dead guru Alan Watts says words are only signposts. They are not the thing to which they refer. Yeah that’s an obvious statement but many people believe the opposite.

So what is it that offends so many people about the word Fuck?

What is it that stops people from using it, or others from even spelling it out in full on a page?

If you take offence from a word then maybe stopping to actually consider what it means to take offence might be helpful. Try not taking offence maybe.

Or if you’re holding back from using it because you think you’ll offend, or worse if you’re only half using it, please spare the rest of us the pseudo concern for our sensitivities.

Please don’t be such a prude.

Please don’t be so disingenuous.

Please don’t be so fucking morally righteous.

Whatever your motivation, just use the fucking word.

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