Contribute A Short Story

Share your short story on Storymaker

Share your short story on Storymaker

My name is Larry G. Maguire and I am a writer and artist.

If you are a fiction writer and you’d like to spread the word about your work then we want to hear from you.

Here’s How It Works

We don’t want Storymaker to become a place for spam heads so there’s a few ground rules in making your submissions. 10 rules to be exact;

  1. You Must Have A Medium Profile. We don’t accept Word doc etc. Your post must already be on Medium but unpublished to any other publication.

  2. You’ll Be Added As A Writer. Once your piece is published here on Storymaker you’ll be added as a writer with the Storymaker publication. You will then be able to publish new pieces whenever you please. However, they will be queued to go out as per our editorial process. That means they won’t be published one after another.

  3. You Must Introduce Your Piece. Rather than just jumping right in, share a paragraph describing yourself and your story. Is it an extract from a current book? Is is an idea for your next book? What’s the background, how did the story come about?

  4. Aim between 2000 and 3000 words - no more. Less than that is generally ok but we figure that to tell a story it must have some substance and less than 2000 words probably won’t do it. That’s not to say your story will be rejected. Most stories will be accepted once it’s not blatant spam.

  5. Add a full width image. Your article must have a full width image, which can be your book front page or some other representative image. Your image shouldn’t be a spammy image with “buy it now” slogans etc. Make it tasteful and appropriate.

  6. Only one link to sales page is allowed. Add a link to your book sales page on your website or Amazon or where ever but only once at the bottom. If there are links to sales page throughout the piece they will be removed.

  7. Email List Signup Forms are allowed. If you have an email signup form on the foot of your post that’s fine. In fact I’d encourage you to get one if you don’t already.

  8. Include An Author Profile. At the bottom of your piece, include your author profile just as I have done below. Create it whatever way you like, link to your website, your book again if you wish (it’s ok to do that here just not more than once in the article). Tell readers why you love to write.

  9. We Don’t Do Erotica. Sexually explicit material is off the menu here. Not that we are prudes or shun sex or anything, on the contrary sex is good! it’s just this is not the place for it. If you write romance and there’s a sex scene then that’s ok. If you write porn then Storymaker is not for you.

  10. Comment On Other Author’s Stories. Storymaker is a place where authors can interact and share stories and ideas. It’s a place where you can get help refining your work and make connections with other writers. So it’s important that we interact and comment on each others material. If you want feedback on your contribution simply add the tag “critique” and fellow writers can offer you feedback

To Make A Submission Do This

Here’s how to make your first submission;

Send an email to with;

  1. A paragraph about yourself and why you’d like to share your piece on Storymaker.

  2. Your Medium profile link

  3. Your story link (on Medium)

  4. Your story genre

So I think that’s about it. Go ahead and create your article then shoot me a mail and we’ll get you published here on Storymaker.

Talk soon!


Howdy, I’m Larry, Writer & Artist. Thanks for taking the time to read my stuff. I write short stories about the ordinary lives of people and the challenges they face. My stuff can be edgy, hard hitting, and sometimes controversial, but never contrived. If that’s your bag you can Sign-up To Sunday Letters Here.