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All done, thanks for coming on board.

All done, thanks for coming on board.

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Many thanks for coming on board, I’m delighted that you’ve decided to join me on Seolar.

My name is Larry G. Maguire and I’m all about the content. I believe that we build our businesses on the strength of how well we communicate and therefore content and the means by which we deliver it to our customers is vital.

Without strong communication skills we fail to reach our potential. So that’s what Seolar is aiming to do- help you communicate better with your readers and build your business.

Here’s Some Of What You Can Look Forward To

Every week I create new content to help you communicate better over email. The focus of the content is structured around 4 key elements;

  1. Find — Find out who your audience is and how to find them.

  2. Engage — Engage your readers with content that helps solve a problem.

  3. Retain — Capture your reader’s email address with an valuable offer.

  4. Convert — Keep the conversation going and convert readers to buyers.

Tools Of The Trade

I’m an electrician by trade (wow that’s a long time ago now!) and I’ve been in business over 18 years, building my business from zero to 20+ people and clients such as US Government and Intel Corp. So I’ve learned tons about effective communication and building a business.

As such I recognise the vital importance of the tools of the trade. Therefore Seolar will focus on bringing you in depth tutorials on how to use the tools of audience building and email marketing.

There are many tools available to help you build your email list and grow your business. The Seolar material will cover these main ones;

  1. Email Marketing: Mailchimp

  2. Lead Capture: Sumo (formally Sumome) & others

  3. Landing Pages & Lead Capture: Thrive Themes & others

Tutorial Articles

The tutorials I create will come to you in both video and written form. You’ll be able to follow step by step with screenshots and bulleted guides, and also watch as I run through the processes in video form.

As I write and publish new content the articles will generally come in under these couple of headings;

You’ll also find links to the tools I use and recommend for use on your website to help you build your audience and grow your business.

I’ve tons of stuff to share with you and I’m really looking forward to it. That’s it for now however, make sure you watch your inbox for my once weekly email zooming its way to you every Monday morning.

Until then,


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