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Larry G. Maguire | Writer

How’s it going…I’m Larry Maguire, Coaching Psychologist and writer. I’ve been publishing Sunday Letters for readers since 2015 and recently moved the whole shebang to Substack. Thanks for coming over to check things out.

What Sunday Letters is about

The most important thing to know about Sunday Letters is that the newsletter content is only published on my own web properties. I don’t replicate it for anyone else. You can read Sunday Letters on LinkedIn, Revue, and Medium but right here is where you’ll get it first. Issues are published on all other platforms sometime later.

In Sunday Letters, I pursue answers to burning questions on life, work, & the pursuit of happiness, sending to subscribers on Sundays. Within that, topics are generally centred on philosophy and psychology, but I’m always looking for an applied angle. Abstract concepts are useful, but they need to have relevance in the real world. So I try to draw on some experience and bring in other people’s stories too.

Daily Work is a topic I turn to quite often. I find it remarkable that so many of us are— let’s be honest about it—at odds with our work. It seems like a constant internal fight between what we love about our work and what we hate. Some of us flat-out hate our work. I know this because people have told me so. Equally, though, some of us love our work like nothing else and would maybe do it for free if all other needs were met.

So I’m looking for a better way. A better way to live both in and out of that thing we call work, and perhaps in the process find the fulfilment and happiness we’re looking for. I don’t believe that’s a naive proposal, and I don’t believe it’s an unachievable goal.

What’s on the table

A weekly subscription to Sunday Letters is free. However, when you become a paid subscriber, you’re actively supporting independent thinking and writing, and for only $5 per month, you receive the following;

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Brief Background to Sunday Letters

I was born south of Dublin’s River Liffey but raised a Northsider. Today I live about ten minutes from the City Centre. I’m an electrician by trade—working-class. I left school at 15 to follow my father into the game, then ten years later started in business for myself. Long story short, I did well for a long time… then I didn’t. The 2008 crash ended the debt-fuelled construction party and after a couple of years of trying to figure out what happened, I changed direction and moved into academia. I graduated with a BA in psychology in 2020 and my thesis is currently in-press. I’m sitting an MSc. in Work Psychology at DCU. I’m married to Joanne, and we have three kids, Ruairí, Cian, & Cara.

I started writing online in or around 2009 following the idea that writing is marketing and creating content must be about conversion. I realised though, that idea renders people objects to be manipulated towards commercial ends. I was writing not as a means of creative expression but as a way to make people buy my shit. So I took a break from everything, and although I wrote on occasion, nothing really stuck. Another long story very much shortened, in 2015 I started Sunday Letters. The publication began life on MailChimp, but as subscribers grew monthly costs also did, so I began looking for alternatives.

Now, here we are.

I’m pleased about the move, and I’m looking forward to sharing new material with you here. You can read a bit more about the move to Substack here.

🤔 Why Pay?

Well, in truth, you don’t have to. My best material goes to you for free every Sunday morning anyway, and you’re under no obligation to put your hand in your pocket. If you do decide to become a paying subscriber, you’ll receive member-only content, and you’ll be supporting the work I do; the hours of research, fact-checking, and the research material such as courses and books that go into every essay. Your $5 pm helps cover the cost of digital tools, keep my home, pay my bills and all those other things we all have to shell out for every day.

Bottom line; when you become a paid member, you’ll be supporting independent thinking and writing, something I think is rarely heard above the noise these days. However, I know not everyone has a fiver each month to spare, so if you’d like access to paid material and can’t really afford it, email me, and I’ll sort you out with a complimentary membership larry@larrygmaguire.com.

That’s all I’ve got for now

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