020 - Creativity And Business

Can creativity and business coexist?

Image by Ian Dooley

Can creativity and business coexist?

Welcome to the Editor’s Journal; A daily thought on writing, the creative process, art, work, the world and how it all goes together. Every morning I rise between 5 and 6 am, I sit here in the quiet of my kitchen and I write whatever’s prominent. I have a bunch of article ideas saved, so I’ll either pull from them or write something new. I also write at larrygmaguire.com. I hope you enjoy the read.

I write every day, and most mornings I don’t know what to write about.

This morning is one of those.

I have a few ideas in my head jostling for position so the plan here is to just write and see where my mind and hands take me.

Generally, I like to have the bones of a plan to work to, but sometimes it’s best to have a broad idea and just go with the flow.

As creative people, we can often feel pulled apart by the inherent impulse to just go with it and the pull of the world to stay organised.

We like the apparent chaos of our workspace and the ease of moving in and out of creative moments.

To plan is to box ourselves in, to restrict the natural flow of inspiration.

In the past, for me, it’s been either one or the other — creativity or business. To have both the organisation of business and the free flow of creativity was to ride two horses at the same time.

And that wasn’t possible.

The truth of the matter now is I find that creativity and business are one and the same thing.

Building The Bones Of A Plan

I finished up a short term contract recently so now I’m free again to create what I choose.

Truthfully that’s the way it’s got to be for me. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t do other people’s rules too well.

I need the freedom to make what I want.

Of course, we are always working for other people even when we freelance, but direct employment is a different animal.

You’ve got to follow the rules, turn up at 8:00, leave at 17:00, be available for overtime and all that craic.

It’s tiring and disempowering.

The work I’m now focused on has a couple of branches. Client work, my books & short stories, and building The Storymaker Community.

Client Work

My client work is mainly focused on copywriting services. I can do lots of other things related to digital marketing but focusing on one element helps we communicate better.

Focusing on one element has always been a problem for me. Even when I was working in the bricks and mortar world it was a problem.

Books & Short Stories

My books and short stories are my chance to get away to somewhere no one else goes. It’s a purely creative thing with no ulterior motive other than to tell the story.

Mary Jane came into my head last night, asked me why I’m not telling her story. She’s real you see, as real as anyone you know.

The Storymaker Community

To build a community of artists, writers and creative people has long been an ambition. Currently, I’m building that out.

I’m building processes, downloads, playing with ideas for tutorials and instructional how-to articles to assist you to find your audience online.

You’ll see content on these lines coming out soon, but in the meantime check this out.

Creativity And Business: Two Ends Of The Same Stick

I have come to understand that there is no separation between creativity and business other than what we create in our minds. To separate them is to separate ourselves.

Creativity is inherent in us. To organise is inherent in us also.

One can not exist without the other and so we must learn to be creative and use the advantages of the organised waking mind to build our business.

Creating wonderful things, and not to experience other people’s joy from them is to create nothing at all.

The creating is as much in the sharing and reciprocation with others as the realising of the vision in the first place.

So there is no choice to make.

Go with the flow when it’s there. Learn to control it, vent it, allow it expression, but also allow your organised mind space too.

I want you to stay tuned to the content I’ll be producing here because it will show you how to do this.

I’ll be teaching you how to use marketing to build your business and sell you shit.

I’ll be showing you how to bridge the gap, so stay tuned.

Originally published at larrygmaguire.com on July 1, 2017.

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