An Ideal Christmas Gift?Did you know you can gift a colleague, friend or family member a subscription to Sunday Letters? If you’re a regular reader here and think someo…
A psychological model for reducing pessimism, increasing optimism for the future and developing meaning and purpose in one's life.
Thoughts on happiness and unhappiness from one of the twentieth century's most notable philosophers, mathematicians, and activists.
A little background on the Celtic New Year festival that went global
The dangers of a philosophical ideology that threatens the lives of millions and the future health of the planet
With Facebook apps down globally, perhaps we've become too reliant. So what's your backup plan?
We seldom hear it and hardly know it was there at all until it stops. But sometimes we need help to flip the switch.
New Capitalism & The Conflict of InterestsListen now (19 min) | We've entered an era of heightened concern for worker wellbeing, the planet, and ethics in business. But is it merely a facade?
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