The Sky Is On Fire

“The sky is on fire to the west of here,

I took this shot with my iPhone one morning from the rear of my house. Although the poem was inspired by an evening firey sky, this image seems to fit all the same.

“The sky is on fire to the west of here,

Clouds grow as evening draws near”

The old man said as he stood and watched,

The familiar hues of the colour swatch,

Of the light. She said “sure where will you go?”

“alone in the mix, in your overcoat?”

“Back home” he said, “to a place I forgot,

To join a world, to remember not”

“The love of mine, and step into the myre,

From the west of here where the sky is on fire”

“To this time, this ground, to play the game,

To throw the dice, to take my aim”

“To pass some time within this space,

To experiment, to run the race”

“For love you see, for creation’s sake,

To have my turn, to make my stake”

“To leave one behind, to forget it all,

To take a chance, so that I could fall”

“into a world that looks like me,

So I could discern, so that I could see”

“The truth again, as I step up higher,

To the west of here, where the sky is on fire”

“To the love of mine where I became,

The self you see, that loves just the same”

“Both you and me despite our thin,

Veil of us that separates us in”

“The world of things and death, but it’s not the end,

So be brave of heart, all will amend”

“This world of ours, as we ascend higher

To the west of here where the sky is on fire.”

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