031 - To Build Or Not To Build…

With lots of ideas, how can we know which to choose?

Image by Svetlana Pochatun

With lots of ideas, how can we know which to choose?

Welcome to the Editor’s Journal; A daily thought on writing, the creative process, art, work, the world and how it all goes together. Every morning I rise early, I sit here in the quiet of my kitchen and I write whatever’s prominent. I have a bunch of article ideas saved, so I’ll either pull from them or write something new. I also write at larrygmaguire.com. I hope you enjoy the read.

I don’t know about you but I get lots of ideas for things to make and build.

No sooner have I acted on one idea and started to build it, then another “brilliant” idea comes to mind. I feel compelled to make something from it.

The result being I leave a trail of half built things in my wake with people subscribed, waiting for the next article or development that doesn’t come.

Bad buzz.

It means I never get to feel what it’s like to complete a project, deliver it and see the financial reward from doing so.

Not to mention unfair to the people who’ve bought into what I’m doing and have been left short changed.

This is my greatest challenge.

The one positive in this toing and froing is I have a high attention to detail. When I’m in something I take my time and make sure I’ve got accurate information.

There’s nothing worse for me than to publish something I’ve not looked hard at and established facts of. I love to break things down, figure them out, and write about them.

All good there.

However, I recognise that lacking the discipline to focus long term on one project, and see it through to completion is a problem.

Some Work To Do

Ever feel like this?

Do you have the same or similar problem turning creative ideas into form over the long term?

Do you have an issue focusing long enough to turn the stuff you make into cash?

Well if you do follow me here on Storymaker and on larrygmaguire.com to get regular content to help you.

I will be writing one article each week on the psychology of creativity and how we can apply these principles successfully in our work.

What I mean by successful here, is that we bring it to the point where we can deliver it consistently and make good money from doing so.

Psychology is my area of study, so…

There will be no pop psychology or pseudoscience here!

I will be looking scientifically at the core principles behind successful creative endeavour, with the following topics (amongst others) covered;

  • How to do what we love and make money at it

  • How to get into flow become more creative

  • Dealing with blockages in our creativity

  • How to develop grit and determination

  • Breaking old habits that don’t serve us

  • How to alter behaviour towards what we want

  • How to develop daily discipline

  • A better way to set goals

  • How to harness rhythm and momentum

  • Dealing with procrastination and writer’s (artist’s) block

My college studies are entering second year and I feel drawn to investigate Creativity at a deeper level for my thesis. What I write here then will be the foundation for this.

As such the evidence I will present will be something you can trust. I will also provide links to original studies that you can investigate yourself.

The aim is to provide you with material that has been proven to work, and can work for you too if you apply them.

The name of the game then, is to assist you (and me) harness your creativity, focus your attention, get in the flow of your work and create your best. And of course make money doing it.

This stuff will not only serve me in becoming more focused for longer, but hopefully will serve you to the same extent.

So stay tuned for more.

I’ll be writing daily here on Storymaker and weekly on my own site larrygmaguire.com.

Ok, later then.

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