What Is StoryBy?

StoryBy: Edition #001 StoryBy is a weekly newsletter on Storymaker featuring content from artists and creative people from around the web

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StoryBy: Edition #001

Howdy Storymakers!

Welcome to the first edition of StoryBy, a new weekly compilation of interesting and inspirational stuff from fellow artists, writers, creatives and small business owners.

Once per week we’ll publish a new edition of StoryBy here on Storymaker, kind of like a digest of stuff from on and off the web. It won’t be set in stone and won’t be rigid in terms of what we’ll cover, however there will be some structure.

Bottom line is, StoryBy will endeavour to celebrate creative people who are making stuff purely for the sake of it, for the love of it. With your help and contributions we will share the coolest of stuff.

Here’s a couple topics we’re looking at;

Small Business

We love small business. Skilled people making a go at building their own thing, making stuff they love and getting it out there into the world. Every week we’ll feature someone new.


Interesting and thought provoking articles from fellow Storymaker members, elsewhere on Medium and around the web. The subject matter is not important as long as it has substance and makes people think.


A new book, and old book, and interesting book, and inspirational book. Something you might like to get your grey matter stuck into. We’ll suggest one you might like to check out. Or indeed you can suggest one too!


Paintings, drawings, sculptures, quirky crazy shit like this. There’s no limits or boundaries to what you can share here. The only stipulation is that is not ordinary. If it’s mainstream and popular then it’s unlikely to make it to StoryBy shortlist.

Can You Offer Your Help?

We’d love for you to get involved and help us gather and curate the weekly StoryBy content.

  • Have you come across a great book or piece of art?

  • Do you know a small business that’s doing something different?

  • Have you read an article that has moved you?

Please let me know by doing one of the following;

  1. tagging me in a comment “@larrygmaguire” on any Medium post.

  2. Shooting me an email larry@larrygmaguire.com with a link to the content.

  3. Submit a new story or link to Storymaker with the “#storyby” tag.

All contributors will receive a link back to their Medium profile.

On StoryBy This Week

Here’s some stuff I think you’ll like to explore.


I’m subscribed to brainpickings and I would recommend you do too. It’s a treasure trove of articles written for their higher level offering that the standard marketing and self indulgence you might read elsewhere. Here’s one from Jeanette Winterson this week that you might enjoy.

Jeanette Winterson on How Art and Storytelling Redeem Our Inner Lives
"Only art penetrates ... the seeming realities of this world," Saul Bellow proclaimed in his spectacular Nobel Prize…www.brainpickings.org

Authority Hackers have taken a look at 21 creative and small business people who are making money online and broken down the stats for you. If you want to make a living from your work then this article might give you a good steer.

How 21 Bloggers Made $1,286,866 in 30 Days...
How to make money blogging? Many people jump into this industry after reading some over hyped content that tells them…www.authorityhacker.com

Some thought provoking, real words from Linda Caroll over on Startups & Venture Capital. Reflecting the passing disturbing events she wonder the role art and creativity play in the grander scheme of things.

Is it stupid to make art when the world is going to sh*t?
My daughter once had a little friend with the prettiest eyes. Year later, when I saw the first Terminator, it sort of…startupsventurecapital.com


Alan Watts: Become What You Are

Alan Watts Become What You Are. I’m reading a lot of stuff right now, and here’s one I’d like you to check out. Probably the most influential material for me over the last 10 years, (or ever actually) is by Alan Watts.

Alan Watts (1915 - 1973) was a philosopher and author of 30 books on spiritual truth, religion and philosophy. I call him my dead guru. Through reading and especially listening to AW over the years, I’ve had many of my own thoughts verified. If you don’t know Alan Watts then be sure to check out this book as a first step.


I really don’t know what I was looking for at the time, but while I was looking I found these guys called the Zenga Brothers. They are bike makers from Vancouver who make Tall Bikes. I can’t say more than the video will show you.

Check it out;

Until Next Week…

More from StoryBy next week. In the meantime, share your best work with us here and help us build and reach more people with the Storymaker content. You don’t need to worry about duplicate content, here’s why

Have a great weekend