026 - Time To Hit The Reset Button

There’s certain practices that help me get the best from myself, time to get back to these pronto.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

There’s certain practices that help me get the best from myself, time to get back to these pronto.

Welcome to the Editor’s Journal; A daily thought on writing, the creative process, art, work, the world and how it all goes together. Every morning I rise early, I sit here in the quiet of my kitchen and I write whatever’s prominent. I have a bunch of article ideas saved, so I’ll either pull from them or write something new. I also write at larrygmaguire.com. I hope you enjoy the read.

This week has kind of been a game of two halves.

On the client work side of things I’ve had some enquiries come in and I’ve been attending to those. Two of which are promising, so happy with progress there.

In that regard I have to up my game a little though. I need to do a little reaching out, getting in front of people, that kind of thing.

But it’s holiday time tomorrow so it will have to wait until I’m back in two weeks.

There seems to be a bit of flow to things there so I’m happy with that.

On the other side, the artistic side - my writing, it’s been slow and sluggish. Frustrating too.

I feel like throwing everything out.

Funny thing is I know exactly why it has gone this way and that understanding gives me some light at the end of the tunnel at least.

I’ve been forcing things to happen, trying to script something that needs to be allowed progress and develop at its own pace. I’ve been pushing a boulder up a hill all week and it’s just not good for me or those around me.

Opportunities arise and ideas come, and sometimes it’s better not to go with them. Have a look by all means, but it can be best for everyone to just leave them where they are.

There’s a particular art in getting out of your own way which I’ve written about before, it’s called Wu Wei in Chinese.

So I need to read that article and maybe take some of my own advice.

Note to Larry from Self;

Now Larry, there’s a couple of things that you need to reintroduce that you’ve let slip. These things work subtly but are very effective for you. You know this very well. Do these things and you’ll sort your shit out. K?

  1. Meditate daily, first thing in the morning before anyone else rises. Sit in the chair in the kitchen and look out the window. Close your eyes if you want, listen to the noises around you. Don’t think.

  2. Ponder the things that make you happy; your little girl, your boys and your wife.

  3. Be thankful for everything.

  4. Imagine favourable circumstances.

  5. Then go to work.

Making A Choice

I won’t get into why this stuff works, although you will find articles from me coming up soon here that get into the psychology of it.

Besides, there’s enough experts out there trying to save your sanity and your life with self development and improvement advice.

All I will say is it works.

I’m calmer, more purposeful, easier to get along with etc. when I do the above.

The problem is I do it for a period, feel great then forget about it. Then crazy shit has the space to come in and take over my mind.

It’s momentum, I get that. Either I take control of how I am or the world does.

So I guess I have a choice in all this.

Time to hit the reset.

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