The 365 Day Writing Challenge

If we’re going to be writers then we’re going to have to write, right?

If we’re going to be writers then we’re going to have to write, right?

I’ve set myself a challenge.

For the next 365 days I will write and publish every day.

It doesn’t matter what it is, it doesn’t matter if it’s shit (let’s hope it’s not shit), it just needs to mean something.

Publishing for clicks is meaningless to me and I’ve been chasing that phantom for too long.

Yes of course I want eyeballs on my stuff, what writer doesn’t?

But something else have to be in place before that comes - I’m working on that something.

You see if I am to take my writing seriously then I need to take it seriously. If I am a writer then I must write, right?


I have to admit I’ve been inspired by some new reading material and stuff I’ve been reading here on The Writing Cooperative.

Then last night I was writing this article on Medium and I realised something important.

Bear with me here…

In a former life I was an electrician and a very good one too. Even though I didn’t want to leave school I did, at the behest of my parents.

I was 15 and I didn’t know any better.

Turned out I was good at it. I had (and still have) a very good work ethic so I got stuck in and paid high attention to detail.

After 4 years and aged 19 I was a qualified sparks which was unusual even back then in the early 90’s.

By that stage I was running small jobs and taking on responsibility. By 26 I was working for myself and hiring employees.

I counted the US Government and Intel amongst my clients and I was doing fair sized work.

Long story short, I eventually got out and started working online.

Yeah You’re A Great Bloke Lar, What’s The Point?

The point is I realised that 28 years ago I focused myself, went to work 5 to 7 days a week and became excellent at what I did.


I realise that because I dedicated myself to that discipline I became an expert and that’s exactly what I need to do here too.

Yeah that and the fact I’m reading Ray Bradbury and I’m getting a kick up the arse also helped things.

In addition I come across this article by Jeff Goins. He points out that the day he got serious he made a similar commitment to himself.

He attributes that to good shit happening. So I’m giving it a blast. What’s the worst that could happen?

Nothing really, other than I might piss someone off with an in-your-face article or two. The best that could happen is that people actually relate to my stuff.

If I’m gonna write then I’ve gotta write and for the next 365 days I’ll publish at least one new article here. A couple days later I’ll republish here on Medium.

By the end of the year I want to be in a position of writing full time and earning the majority of my income from writing.

A Place For Fiction Writers To Share Short

What’s The Subject Matter?

Of fundamental importance to me is creativity, integrity and freedom to create, so that’s mainly what I’ll be writing about.

And some of this stuff too;

  • Making stuff for the sake of it

  • Short stories

  • Creative integrity

  • Following your heart

  • Making money

  • Quitting your job

  • Art

  • Writing

  • Celebrating individuality

  • Saying fuck it!

  • Having the odd bitch about stuff I don’t like

  • Praising the stuff I do

I’ll be basically giving you me, warts and all — laying out my Artist’s Manifesto for what I define as success and happiness.

This is not necessarily about money but I’ll be talking money too. Let’s face it…

No mun no fun right?

I’ll still create the weekly longer piece which will either be a short story or a full length article. Full length for me is about 2000 words.

The mid-week articles will likely be around the 500 to 750 words and will be shot out quick and sharp so expect typos and not the best structure in the world.

I’ll write these articles and publish first thing in the morning before I leave for my day job.

Let’s see where it goes 🙂

I’m writing and publishing every day for 365 days. If you are an artist or writer or even just a regular pissed off with your job member of the human race, then maybe I’ll have something reasonable to offer you beyond the regular noise. If you’d like to get these articles to your inbox just sign up below and I’ll shoot you a summary every sunday morning.

Originally published at on April 17, 2017.

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