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Cold Is The City

For The Saying of It

Why You’ll Never Fill The Void

So, You’ve Got A Problem With The Trees?

The Truth About Creative Intelligence

Because In The End, You Really Are Alone

9 Proven Techniques to Bolster Your Creative Thinking

Creativity & The Imperfect Route To the Perfect Result

Abraham Maslow on The Resolution of The Creative Dichotomy

The Necessity of Non-Creative Work

If You’re Playing To The Crowd, You’re Playing To No One

The Poem

On The Crazy Minds of Dogs & Men

The Lifelong Struggle To Be Yourself

How To Slay Your Creative Demons

A Letter To My Children

Spontaneous Laughter

How To Find Happiness Through Daily Work

Darkness Descends

Freelance Writing on Science, Health & Psychology of Performance

How You’ll Know When The Time Is Right

Weightlifting, Therapy & The Power of A Good Coach

The Psychology of Creativity

Why Brainstorming Is A Weak Creative Thinking Device (And What To Do Instead)

5 Things I Use To Help Improve My Writing

Does Your Belief About Workplace Stress Make You More Stressed?

If You Lean On Someone Too Much, Someday You’ll Fall Over

21 Ways To Boost Self-Efficacy & Achieve Your Goals

The Essence of The Leader

There Is No Time

How They Teach Us Out of The Creative Process

Zen In The Art of Making Coffee

Georgia O’Keeffe on Daily Work, Happiness & Success

Why Creativity Is Not A Skill You Can Teach

Why Creative People Are Often Considered Odd

How To Find Success Without Losing Yourself

Study Successful People If You Want — You Won’t Find It There

Curly Fries & Apples: The Power of Your Invisible Influence

Precision Makes You Stand Out

The Nature of Purposeful Accident

7 Lessons From The Diary of A Stoic Philosopher

Why I Stay In Bed Until 12:00

How To Annihilate Yourself

Play: Why It’s Essential For Creative Work That Matters

Why You Should Build Your Own Machine

Have We Mistaken A Shiny Penny For The Sun?

What Happens When You Don’t Make Time For Play

The Slow Race To The Top

When Life Presents A Problem, Use These 3 Rules To Find An Answer

How To Sell Out Your Creative Works Without “Selling Out”

Will You Forego Your Creative Integrity For The Sake of A Sale?

When I Was Alive


The Critic

When You Have Invested Too Much To Quit

We Think We Know Ourselves, But We Don’t

The Hello Tree


Stories From People From The City

Stick At Something Long Enough, And It’s Gonna Pop!

Time Does Not Exist: Let’s Reclaim Our Timeless Creative Space

I Advocate Taking Things Slowly, However…

When It All Ends, Only Those Who Take Their Time Will Survive

Why Shortcuts Lead To Dead Ends & Success Takes Longer Than You Think

I’m gonna check those out.

But Only If We’re Brave Enough

And so there is an ever-increasing need for us to pursue personal liberty, I believe, through our…

We’ve no control over how this platform is structured and run and never will.

No, The Rescue Party Aren’t Coming

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Good News For Storymaker Readers

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Your Employer is Manipulating You. Are You OK With That?

I think you mean aluminium :-)

That’s how I read it, how I feel it too.

Well I’m glad I don’t need to sort it out.

Some people quote stats in an attempt to reduce the social impact of psychologically unstable…

It’s A Plastic Reality That’s Hard To Digest

How To Know You’re In Flow: Maslow’s 16 Aspects of Peak-Experience

The Critic

Making A Case For A Business of One

The Strange Dichotomy of Daily Work

It’s Quiet Where I Work, For Now

I can appreciate what you’re saying.

How To Focus The Lens of Attention To Nurture Creative Expertise

The Essential Ingredient For Anything Worthwhile Made

I thought that was published. Ill check. for you later when I’m back at my desk

How An Introvert Finds Solitude In The Company of Others

Have you got a link to the source research? If not I’ll just do a search

Mortality & The Vast Empty Void

Making A Case For Ordinary

How Everything Happens

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Carbohydrates, Carbohydrates Everywhere And Not A Morsel To Eat

When Creative Ideas Overwhelm

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I read the first couple paragraphs and I thought; 🙄 here we go again.

The More Out of Breath You Become, The More Fat Cells You Consume

I can agree with the first part of the quote, but the second part, “their goal is to solve a…

How To Defeat The Voice In Your Head That Wants You To Fail

The Strange Phenomenon of Taking Pleasure From Pain

I’ll celebrate on the 26th Sept with a whole packet! Thanks for reading.

Hi Blue Carrisole, I sent you a private note on your article in The Creative Mind.

Almost Outwitted By A Free Doughnut

The Legitimacy of A Business of One

How I Feel After 36 Hour Fasting

The “5 Weeks To Fitness” Goal

I’ve Put On Some Weight Recently, And I’m Not Happy About It.

Yes, I’ve seen that too.

The Review: Can Creativity And Business Coexist?

Welcome to The Creative Mind

Welcome To The Reflectionist

Will do Blue Carrisole

Thanks for reading Penni.

The Apparent Meaninglessness of Life

Fair play!

R. Buckminster Fuller’s 22 Self Disciplines For Life & Business Success

How To Form Positive Habits & Break Old Negative Ones

Creative Integrity & The Challenge Working With Others

How’s it going.

So is everyone’s work great?


In Support of the Creative Unambitious

Branding, for the vast majority of people and organisations, is all about creating a facade, a…

In 1990 There Was No Internet, Today It’s Affecting Our Creativity

Welcome To The Review

Rewind 004: 9 Aug 2019

All I know is that I seem to exist.

Practice Intensely, Show up, Then See What Happens

The 7 Maxims of Authentic Creative Work

When Two Bottles of Wine Doesn’t Work

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To Those In Pursuit of Success

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Storymaker is [not] going away

How To Know You’re In Flow: 9 Aspects of Optimal Experience

I think it’s about time I put together a series of articles on the question of time.

Thinking is hard.

This is how I feel about my daily work; the work that brings home the bacon.

My Dishwasher Anxiety

We did a lab experiment last year on the effects of noise on cognitive performance.

Submission Assistance For Writers

Given that Victorian society was very much stiff upper lipped and heavily male dominated, I guess…

How To Make Rational Decisions And Sidestep Your Cognitive Biases

He was the epitome of human self-indulgence and dysfunction and didn’t seem to give a fiddler’s.

Analogical Thinking: A Way To Produce Creative Ideas

That’s interesting, I’ll look into that. Thanks for reading!

I’d say this is the case always, 100% of the time, despite the perhaps honorable initial intentions…

Go Where There Is Difficulty

Control, predicting future events, is not possible so the only choice we have is to immerse…

I’m An Introvert: Here’s What That Means

The Illusion of Tomorrow

The Creative Personality: 4 Key Traits & How To Develop Them

Well, there is no solving it because if we did we would cease to exist.

Write for The Creative Mind

Investment. Congratulations 🤙

Just Make Something

There are few articles I read here on Medium that I can say; “yeah, that was informative, worth…

New Books Arrived Today

The Problem Writing What People Want To Read

What If You Can’t Fix Yourself?

When I Was Alive

I want to be a writer

Rewind 003: 27 July 2019

9 Reasons To Quit Your Job And Become Self-Employed

Sounds like the humanistic psychology of Carl Rogers.

The Book That Never Gets Written

You’re welcome boss 🤙

Just Do The Work

Welcome New Storymaker Writers

Is Free Will An Illusion of Mind?

This Is Your Apprenticeship

I can’t stand that platform. Full of trolls trolling.

Jesus Christ!

Art, Not Art.

Carl Rogers on Therapy & Reconciling Internal Conflict

I think you need to go back and watch the documentary again.

Reading it at the moment 👏👏

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Rewind 002: 20 July 2019

Have We Lost Our Sense of Community?

I was waiting for that.

The 9 Psychological Aspects of Optimal Experience

I believe what the quote suggests, and that you may be missing here, is that the experience of art…

I write pretty much every day but haven’t necessarily published every day.

I’ve been writing a lot recently about the importance of quiet, of solitude for creative work.

How To Get Comfortable With Discomfort

Now you said it!

Why Creativity Flourishes In Solitude

Stepping Into The Fire & The Realisation of Self

Double paste job here

The Annihilation of Self

The Closest I’ve Come

I think it’s fair to say at our place of understanding, that the entire idea of the human organism…

Maslow writes in Toward A Psychology of Being, about pride and humility being merged within the…

Rewind 001: 13 July 2019

The Illusion of Happiness

When Words Just Don’t Seem To Cut It

Trees Don’t Drive Cars


Our Motivation To Work

Welcome To The Reflectionist

EP185 A Question of Free Will

EP184 Work

EP183 Analogical Thinking: A Method For Solving Problems

EP182 The 22 Self Disciplines of Buckminster Fuller

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EP181 Narrow And Deep

Slea Head, yeah it’s an amazing place. My spiritual home.

EP180 Ray Heffernan Creativity & Success

EP179 How Success Happens + Sunday Letters New Format

Dingle, Co. Kerry.

EP178 Creativity with Johnny Helleland

I liked this article.

EP177 Letting It Happen

What are you Reading?

EP176 Too Much Data