Without the scars of a life lived, our idealism is often weak and vacant of any real substance

Young people dancing near water for poem by Larry G. Maguire

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Without the scars of a life lived, the idealism of youth is often weak and vacant of any real substance

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People go to college to learn poetry?

What the fuck!


Line and sinker

What a stinker

Astute, ambitious, romantic little thinker

You’ve been caught in the game without knowing the rules

They take you for fools

Bright fools filling bar stools

You can’t write a line that is worth a damn without first committing a crime

For a dime

On the street where no one gets paid

for the ambition of love

If only to get laid

by critics, without as much as a morsel

of a genuine clue of what it takes to be adored, so,

put your pen down and go live a life

Then come back and write something that might

cause someone to laugh, punch you in the face or cry

because anything else is all but contrived,

a lie

Originally published by Larry G. Maguire The Creative Cafe 11th Aug 2019

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