The Essence of The Leader

The Leader, the paraders, the watchers and the supporters. What leadership is and is not

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The Leader, the Paraders, the Watchers and the Supporters. What leadership is and is not

I logged into Evernote today for the first time in about three or four years, and I found things that I had forgotten. There were the seeds of what I’m writing now. This one, which I then called Leadership, was written in 2013, is still valid considering I have spent so long writing and perhaps was not as good then. Assuming that is, I am any good now. In any case, I have cleaned up the original for publication here on The Reflectionist.

Any self-sacrificing person will take a bullet for the unit; there’s plenty of these. Leadership, real Leadership is found in someone who can take a bullet and keep moving forward, straight to the point where success is found. Most will fall before the line. Some will step aside and let the bullet hit someone else. These are paraders, and they think there is great honour in staying alive for one more game to parade their wonderful skills.

But the paraders are really solo players — they are in it for themselves while pretending to be part of the unit. They care more about how they look than the combined success of the unit. They will never find real success which is found in celebration with the unit. Real fulfilment will always evade them. A deep sense of want and need for admiration accompanies their every step. Who’s watching me? What do they think of me? How do I look?

The leader is quiet, measured, assured, unassuming, forthright and confident. There is strength in their eyes. They hold fast to their idea and bring an invisible energy to the unit which cannot be spoken of or described. They exemplify the cause for humanity. Without them, there is a vacuum. Words are few and when offered are powerfully delivered. They stay aside for many years awaiting their opportunity to come forth. Suddenly their energy thrusts them to the fore often without their conscious intent. The unit stands and awaits their move, prepared to follow.

Watchers will wish the leader failure, and they get their reward soon along the road. However, failure is short-lived, and soon the entire universe moves to bring the full and unmistakable glory of the completed venture to the leader. The watchers live in fear of being exposed for their constant companion is underachievement and fear of failure. They take great comfort in the failures of the leader for it reinforces their sense of self.

Supporters call supporting energy from all corners to follow the Leader. The Leader leads through action and looks for no praise or reward. There is no mistaking the Leader; theirs is the light of the universe that all others follow.

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