Good News For Storymaker Readers

With a new editor, Storymaker has a future

With a new editor, Storymaker has a future

A couple of weeks ago, I emailed you guys to let you know Storymaker was to be wound up. Several people made contact with me to ask how they could help, and as a result, you folks have a new editor.

Jimmy Cerone has been appointed and his tenure as Chief Editor commences straight away. Jimmy will be responsible for ensuring your articles are scheduled and published, adding new writers, helping you with spelling and grammar and making suggestions to how we all can make better content for readers of Storymaker. I will remain in the background and will assist Jimmy where he needs it and to also consult on adding assistant editors where required.

In the meantime, you can continue to add new submissions as you have always done, and it will be Jimmy who will offer feedback and hit publish.

Reminder: The Kind of Content We’re Looking For

Nothing has really changed here, we’re seeking content that speaks of the creative spirit, is non-promotional, and reflects your passion for your work.

Submissions of the following are welcome;

  • Poetry

  • Short Stories

  • Articles describing your creative process and experience as an artist/writer

  • Culturally relevant articles on Art & Creativity

What We’re NOT looking for;

  • Self-help

  • Life hacking

  • Political discourse

  • Pornographic writing

Please Use Tags

Tags are important, they help readers find your work. So, if you’re submitting poetry use the tag Poetry. Submitting a short story? use the Short Story tag. Writing on creativity? Use the tag, Creativity. And of course, try always to add the tag, Art to your submission.

That’s all from me, here’s a word from your new editor. Jimmy, take it away.

Greetings Everyone!

My name is Jimmy Cerone and I’ll be the new editor of Storymaker! First, I want to make clear that Storymaker will still be about good stories and how to tell them. Second, for all you writers out there, I want to offer myself as an editor. I am committed to actively helping you improve your writing through private comments. I will, as editor, correct for grammar, but anything beyond that I will leave up to you in the form of a private note. If you don’t respond to the note / make a change in 24 hours I will go ahead and publish!

For a bit about me, I’m a college student, reluctant entrepreneur and computer science major. I love to read and I love when a story is finished, but struggle with the writing of it. I’ve been writing for a couple of years now and come from a family of communicators (my father is a speaker and host).

What You Can Expect for Me:

  • Private notes for feedback on each piece

  • Corrections for grammar and spelling

  • Comments/Edits within 48 hours

  • Publication within 24 hours of my last edit or your incorporation of feedback

  • Sharing your new article, short story or poem on Twitter

I’m looking forward to receiving your submissions. And for those of you who love to read the content and not submit, I’m looking forward to sharing new material with you.

Regards for now, Jimmy (& Larry)