Storymaker is [not] going away

Storymaker is soon to retire, here’s what’s happening next

Storymaker is soon to retire, here’s what’s happening next

(Update 10th October 2019: Anna Rozwadowska has kindly offered to come on board so I’m glad to say Storymaker will be sticking around! Nice one Anna 👌)

When I started Storymaker I didn’t really have a goal for the publication. It was an experiment to explore the inner workings of publications here on Medium, and perhaps build a community of like-minded creative people

People like you came here to read stories and to find a home for your writing, but the support from me as editor was perhaps a little lacking — I recognise that. I could have done a lot more to promote your work and the publication in general but I had too many balls in the air to commit sufficiently.

As a result, submissions are few and far between and as such, I think it’s time to close things down.

So on the 31st August 2019, Storymaker will close


If there happens to be one of you folks who wish to take over and promote Storymaker, I will gladly add you as an Editor and transfer ownership to you. There are 350 odd followers of the publication, so a small audience that might be valuable to you.

Just comment below this post or direct message me if you’d like to take it over.

If nobody expresses an interest, Storymaker will cease to be on the 31st of August.

What Happens Your Stories?

You will retain ownership and control of your articles, stories and poetry. Nothing changes there. They just won’t be on the Storymaker publication because it will no longer exist.

Medium says that your stories are safe.

Deleting a publication will not automatically delete any stories in that publication. — Medium

Adding Your Stories To Another Publication

You will, as is always the case, have the ability to add your stories to any other publication of your choice. However, if you are adding your story to a new publication, I’d recommend that you create a replica of your existing story and publish as a new draft, then delete the old story. Otherwise, your existing story will be filed according to its original publication date and may never be seen.

However, if you have valuable stats for the original, then maybe it's best to keep the story.

A New Refined Focus

For a while now, I have been writing on the psychology of creativity, human performance and creative expertise. Some recent articles here on Medium include;

How To Know You’re In Flow: 9 Aspects of Optimal Experience

How To Make Rational Decisions And Sidestep Your Cognitive Biases

Analogical Thinking: A Way To Produce Creative Ideas

These articles form part of a new focus; providing helpful and informative content to help you improve your focus and creative output. They are part of a new publication called, The Creative Mind.

You Can Contribute

The publication is currently open to new writers, so if you have something to say on the nature and function of creativity, then I’d love to add you as a writer. Give the submission guidelines a read, then post a comment “add me as a writer” and I’ll add you.

IMPORTANT: Please read these guidelines first

The content is aimed at providing the best quality articles on the science and art of creativity and as such, the guidelines for submissions are pretty precise. The reason being is this will help you create the best article possible, one that readers will value and Medium Curators will want to curate. (Curation is a big thing).

Write for The Creative Mind

Submission Assistance For Writers

I’m putting all my creative energy into making The Creative Mind a successful publication, and by extension, the articles you submit. So if you have something to say, or you want to learn something new, I’d love to see you there.

I’m Also Writing on The Reflectionist

The Reflectionist is a place for less structured, more personal accounts and reflections on life and work. I’m adding material here for no other reason than to keep account of thoughts and ideas for posterity.

I hope to see you there too.

So that’s all I have for you for now. Don’t forget to comment or message me if you’d like to take over Storymaker.

Regards and thanks for being a follower of Storymaker