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The home of the best articles on the art & science of creativity

The home of the best articles on the art & science of creativity

Welcome to The Creative Mind, and thank you for joining my private email list. My name is Larry G. Maguire and I’m a writer from Dublin, Ireland. I am an artist, owner of a business of one, a psychologist in training and I publish here most days.

Readers here receive a summary on Saturdays (but only if you’re following the publication and choose to receive letters). If you don’t follow the publication, that’s ok, because you’ve chosen to join my private newsletter — Sunday Letters.

The weekly Sunday Letters goes out, you guessed it, on a Sunday, and I include a private message or story plus links to all the content from the prior week. I’ve been sending to readers now for about 2 years and generally, that’s all I send unless I have an announcement or something else I want to let you folks know about.

Here’s some other stuff you’ll receive

I share other stuff on Sunday Letters too. Here’s some of what you’ll receive from time to time.

  • Poetry: I write poetry that has an edge. Here’s an example of something recent.

  • Books: I’m working on one title at present and have many other ideas on the shelf. A recent digital publication was The Artist’s Manifesto. I had intended making it ten chapters but I recently realised that the book must stay as it is — about three chapters. The other material I had intended for the book will form a new title. You will hear news about this new book before anyone else. In the meantime, here’s your free copy of The Artist’s Manifesto in PDF, epub and Mobi;

The Artist’s Manifesto 26 Dec 2018.pdf

The Artist’s Manifesto 26 Dec 2018.mobi

The Artist’s Manifesto 26 Dec 2018.epub

Nothing To Sell

Generally speaking, I have nothing to sell you. I’m writing because I like to research and write material on the nature of human behaviour specific to creativity and work. If you receive value from what I write, then that’s a job well done. My intention here on The Creative Mind is to build a publication that readers trust. I want to share with readers like you, high-quality content on how we can become more in tune with our creative self, engage in work that engages us, and create a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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You can share your thoughts and experience by becoming a writer for The Creative Mind. I’m currently seeking professionals, therapists, artists, science writers to submit content on the subject of creativity for publication. Check out the writer guidelines and see if it’s a fit for you. If you are a Medium member, and you’re reading and applauding our articles here, it means the writers will receive compensation from Medium.

News About Other Material

I’ll occasionally have a book or some other creative work that I’ll tell you about, but that notice will come in Sunday Letters, not here.

So that’s about it.

I hope you enjoy the content here on The Creative Mind and look out for your first Sunday Letters.

P.S. Message me anytime, comment on articles or tag me in your own material. I reply to every message.