There Is No Time

A poem about temporal experience

Image of a star filled sky at night for poem by larry g maguire called “The Is No Time”

There is no time, things just is you see

I first wrote this poem in Evernote one night in about 10 minutes. Later I published it on The Creative Café on May 2017, then republished on on December 2017. The concept of time was playing on my mind heavily at the “time” and I had come to the conclusion that it was a construct of perception and not an entity with its own independent reality.

I realised that time was not a vessel in which I existed, or indeed, the rest of the world existed. Instead, it seemed obvious to me that time was based on the processes of memory and a linear interpretation of existence. I had penned this article on the subject too, which was picked up by a couple of sites and attracted a bunch of comments. This poem serves as a prayer, a reminder to me of what is real and what is not.

There Is No Time

There Is No Time, things just is you see
In the house of my mind where the child I did be
Seconds, minutes, hours, days, structured things
Are merely of my mind, man’s creation brings

Tempus fugit! my old man used to say
Nothing left to the world but my thoughts this day
Flower rock beast and tree, they have no time for me
For they just are

They exist in my mind you see
Much like my whole earth, mountain sky and sea.
None mark this friendless face and wish
They were somewhere else, where they’d be happier…ish

No, it’s not for me to want for time to pass
for there is no better place for my spirit to last
Than this universe, the one mind has gifted
To one part of the whole

Let my heart be lifted
To the heights of the sky
And to the heavens and say
There is no time, just my thoughts this day.