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EP175 The Anthesis Of Goal Setting

EP174 Reading: Preface The Artist's Manifesto

EP173 Creative Isolation (Oh, and Happy Christmas!)

Creative Isolation

That’s a very interesting concept, one I’ve not considered before.

Political Cybernetic Organisms

EP172 Political Cybernetic Organisms

EP171 React On Impulse Or Keep Your Mouth Shut?

EP170 What Is An Artist?

What Is An Artist?

EP169 The Iron Skillet

EP168 How To Create Order From Chaos

How To Create Order From Chaos

EP167 The Creative Self: Who's Doing The Making?

The Creative Self: Who Is Doing The Making?

EP 166 The Paradox Of Work

The Paradox of Work: Introduction To The Artist’s Manifesto

Thanks for sharing your story Magda There’s such a valuable perspective to be gained from having…

EP165 The Book Launch Date

The Artist’s Manifesto Book Launch Date

OK, so I just added you.

That’s great Clare Marie Frost you’re very welcome on board.

EP164 The Artist's Manifesto News

Congratulations on doing so. It takes a lot of courage.

When To Give Up

EP163 When Is The Right Time To Quit?

EP162 Saying Sorry: When Nothing Is Achieved From Apologies

EP161 Artistic Temperament And The Challenge Working With Others

Artistic Temperament: The Challenge Working With Others

Does It Make You Happy?

TDL160 Does It Make You Happy?

TDL159 Eddie Doherty: Handweaver

Eddie Doherty Handweaver [Snippet]

TDL158 Success Hacks: The Folly Of Shortcuts

Success Hacks: The Folly In Following Shortcuts

TDL157 When Creative Ideas Overwhelm

TDL156 Engineering Consent, Paleo Eating + The Studio Project

TDL155 Why You Should Work For Yourself

TDL154 State Of Flow & Expert Performance

It’s a great spot, you’d love it. The bar is exactly as it was in 1800's

TDL153 OffTopic: Getting Fit Again

TDL152 The Timeless Creative Mind

TDL151 Carrauntoohil, Work & Creativity

TDL150 Will We Ever Be Wealthy?

Yeah, I know. The article is just a bit of fun

TDL149 Content Marketing For Creatives

TDL148 #AudioMo Day 1 Episode

TDL147 Convenience: A Fool's Gold

TDL146 Fuck: Linguistic Taboo Or Legitimate Expression?

TDL145 Life Always Finds A Way

TDL144 More On Deliberate Practice

TDL143 The Power of Deliberate Practice

TDL142 Why Shortcuts Fail

TDL141 Is All Marketing Manipulation?

TDL140 Thoughts On Collaboration

I listened today.

The Writer’s Giveaway Is Open

TDL139 Embracing Solitude

TDL138 The Abortion Question

TDL137 The Writer's Giveaway

The survival of the fittest, Darwinian notion of evolution of humanity is tired and outdated…

Spontaneous Laughter

TDL136 Applause & Criticism

TDL135 Choosing First Thought

TDL134 Sunday Letters: Poetry

No sweat, any time

The Hello Tree

Change The World One Story At A Time

kevin, yes it would be great if you had time to share something on Storymaker.

TDL133 Lost In Time Consciousness

Very cool!

Stu, I’m looking for poets for the Storymaker publication if you are interested.

The constant stream of self development material is so tiring.

Storymaker - I created it a little while back while toying with a few ideas, now trying to build it…

Hi kevin, this is something I’ve pondered too for a long time.

TDL132 The Meaning Of Life

The Merit In Lack Of Ambition

TDL131 Time For Self In The Elaborate Game

Mythology, Symbolism & Storytelling

TDL127 Ambition, Success & Opinions Of Others

I was curious after reading your headline. Then you lost me right away with this paragraph.

James, thanks for sharing.

TDL128 Jesus Christ & The Center Of The Storm

You know Sean it’s an ebb and flow thing this attention of mine.

TDL129 What’s The Daily Larb About?

TDL130 The Illusion Of Happiness

With you there Linda ☕️ Thanks for reading

The Illusion of Happiness

TDL130 The Illusion Of Happiness

Pavor Nocturnus: Night Time Fears

Purposeful Accident & The Return of Weekly Letters

TDL129 Sunday Letters: What's The Show About?

TDL128 Jesus Christ & The Center Of The Storm

TDL127 Ambition, Success & Opinions Of Others

I wrote about ambition today too.

TDL126 In Defence Of The Unambitious

TDL125 The Universe Is Not A Binary System

TDL124 Managing Stress & Anxiety

TDL123 What Is Success?

TDL122 Effects of Stress on Creativity

TDL121 Anything Else Is A Waste Of Time

TDL120 Write For Yourself Or Other People?

TDL119 Does God Exist?

TDL118 How To Build An Audience

TDL117 Maslow: A Focus On Self

TDL116 The Artist's Manifesto Will Be Free

TDL115 What's The Artist's Manifesto About?

I’ve Got A Book To Write…

TDL114 The Manifesto Launch Team

TDL113 When Your Launch Fails

TDL112 Is The Human Race Insane?

TDL111 Are You Doing It For The Money?

TDL110 Why The Small Things Count

Nice one. I’m gonna clap more. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about the clapping thing…

TDL109 Dealing With Writing Demons

Discovery and insight to me are spontaneous things.

Excerpt From The Artist’s Duty

TDL108 A Reading From The Gospel Of The Artist

I’d like to see this too, but I’m not sure it would work.

TDL107 To Serve Yourself Is To Serve The World

TDL106 When Less Is More

I struggled with answering this question forever.

The Writer’s Giveaway Experiment

TDL105 Happy Monday People

TDL104 Challenging Authority: The Creative Imperative

TDL103 The New Religion & The Righteous Menace

Thanks for writing.

Haha yeah nice one. 🤙

Preface to The Artist’s Manifesto

TDL102 The Mere-Exposure Effect: Are You Being Manipulated?

It’s Not Just About Art

TDL101 100 Episodes The Larb

I agree with you.

TDL100 🍾 Mentorship & Advice

TDL099 Is All Advice Valuable?

Playing The Long Game

I am compelled to offer a bualadh bos for the cúpla focal

I think a lot about the nature of my experience both alone and with other people.

TDL098 Reversing The Momentum


Why The Butcher Shop Closed Down

A Book Marketing Experiment

TDL097 The Artist's Duty

How Much Should I Charge?

… if you spent 10,000 hours on your passion, you would reach a level of mastery in your field.

TDL096 Playing The Long Game

I like it.

After 17 years doing my own thing I took a management position in an engineering firm…9 months…

TDL095 How To Be Productive

“Millennials are now thirstier than ever for adventures and new experiences, and we want to be…

Exchanging Art For Dollars

TDL094 The Butcher Shop

TDL093 How To Boost Creativity

The Wisdom Of A Practical Man

I go through bursts of writing.

TDL092 Inadequacy Of The Words

TDL091 What Should I Charge? 💰

Compliance: Is It Worth The Sacrifice?

TDL090 Exchanging Art For Cash

The Sunday Letters Newsletter

Creatures Of Habit

TDL089 The Practical Man

“If you believe it, it’s not a lie” Geoege Castanza

The Twitter Marketing Automation Hack That Runs On Autopilot

TDL088 Creatures of Habit

The Greatest Challenge In This

TDL087 How To Launch A Book

TDL086 Worth The Sacrifice?

A Return To Writing Daily

TDL085 My Greatest Challenge

TDL084 Return To Writing Daily

TDL083 Manifesto Giveaway News

TDL082 Sunday Letters 4th Feb

TDL081 LinkedIn Marketing Plan

TDL080 Short & Sweet Today

You’re right. Thanks for commenting!

TDL079 Crowd Mentality

TDL078 The Flow State & Time

TDL077 The Education Question

TDL076 Sunday Letters 28th Jan

TDL075 Paul O'Mahony Gets Paid

TDL074 Work, Pay & Self Worth

TDL073 Jeremiah Craig on Art

TDL072 This Is What It Is

TDL071 Words, Meaning & Books

TDL070 Sunday Letters 21st Jan

TDL069 When Parents Die

TDL068 Responsibility & Advice

TDL067 Thoughts On Doing

TDL066 Childcare & Development

TDL065 A Lazy Busy Monday

TDL064 Sunday Letters 14th Jan

TDL061 Sunday Letters 7th Jan