A Return To Writing Daily

Writing daily builds the skill. It makes us better writers. What better reason to establish and keep the habit?

Writing daily builds the skill. It makes us better writers. What better reason to establish and keep the habit?

Welcome to the Editor’s Journal; A daily thought on writing, the creative process, art, work, the world and how it all goes together. Every morning I rise early, I sit here in the quiet of my kitchen and I write whatever’s prominent. There’s no clever headlines and no script, just open and honest thoughts. I hope you enjoy the read. If you like this article please offer some love by hitting the 👏 cheers!

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I’m in two minds…should I get back into writing daily or not?

Writing daily is a ton of effort but it does seem to increase engagement, signups and traffic. It also helps me process my thoughts and decide on what I need to do in any given day.

It’s like a psychic clear out.

Writing daily, once I do it, is like an anchor point I can move out from. The commitment seems to stir something in me, yet fix something in place too.

Last year I set to writing every day for 365 days…I failed. But I did manage to publish 130+ articles.

Writing daily for a number of months in 2017, I had built up a solid following on Medium. I went from about 3k to 11k followers there purely by republishing my content from here.

That converted into traffic and sign-ups, but I should say it wasn’t a tidal wave. More like a trickle.

So what’s the point?

Well, ultimately there’s no point. There’s no point to any of it — I truly believe that. It’s like the realisation that comes to marathon and ultra runners…

There’s nowhere to go.

The Artist’s Manifesto is a short book about staying true to our art. It is a call to Artists and Creatives like you to create from the heart with passion and integrity, disregarding the need for applause and recognition. It’s available from my site in PDF with paperback out on 2nd April 2018. Grab your FREE PDF copy here.

Here’s The Deal

So it appears I do it because I want to. I’m not in two minds at all it appears. My mind is pretty clear, at least for now.

See, I told you it helps clarify things.

I’m rising every morning before the sun to write this daily mind dump of thoughts and ideas. I may get no readers, I may get some, but I’ll do it anyway because I think it’s worthwhile.

For me.

If you get something from it then great.

It’s a stream of consciousness thing. I just write what I think about in the moment and see where it takes me. There’s fun in that.

There’s also self discover and realisation in it — I recommend it. There is development and discovery, although not in a kind of “I want to save your life” kind of way.

I really have no concern for that. There’s too much of that hyper-positive guru type bullshit for my liking. Most of it I feel, produced by fearful people looking for answers themselves.

People pretending to know, hoping to find themselves in it all.

And that’s ok. Just don’t begin investing yourself in things any of them say. If we do we just get lost.

Anyway, back to what I was saying…

I’ll also include yesterday’s daily podcast episode. I call it The Daily Larb and I use an app called Anchor to record it. It’s a rough and ready type podcast that I record on the fly.

There’s some shit in there that nobody would want to listen to, unless I was fucking famous or something and they had nothing else to do but listen to some douche tell the world all about his stupid day.

God knows there’s enough of those people online and I certainly do not wish to emulate them.

I merely share these things because I’m somehow compelled to.

Thankfully I see my sense of self is not dependant on the response I get or I’d be found wanting.

Although it can be difficult to tune out of the notifications when they come (or wonder why they don’t), and actually do some work that could possibly benefit me.

But I must be resolute and committed…after all, I have a book to publish.

That’s what’s driving this current activity, The Artist’s Manifesto.

In pursuit of more readers for my masterpiece I have commenced marketing like a motherfucker.

Let’s see where it goes.

The Artist's Manifesto | Larry G. Maguire
The Artist's Manifesto is a short book about staying true to our art. It is a call to Artists and Creatives like you to…larrygmaguire.com

Yesterday’s Daily Larb Episode

As is the case most days, I talk about whatever comes to mind. Although you will get good stuff, perhaps some thought provoking material, I’ll also share what I’m doing regarding marketing of The Artist’s Manifesto.

One thing is for sure in relation to the podcast thing…when I was producing the weekly show regularly I was a lot more structured.

I liked that.

The daily show lacks structure and I’d like to get back to the weekly format. I think people like to listen without engagement and that’s what the weekly show offers.

The daily show is fun to make and I get to engage with people on anchor but is it something that the multitude can consume? I’m not so sure.

Anyway, here’s yesterday’s episode. It’s a bit of a mixed bag.

See you folks tomorrow.

Originally published on larrygmaguire.com 6th Feb 2018.

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