The Artist’s Manifesto Book Launch Date

After a considerable amount of time chin scratching, I have finally set a date for The Artist’s Manifesto Launch.

My previous date for publication came and went due to other commitments.

The completion of the new studio/office took precedence, and oh I must not forget that little detail of needing to fund that project.

Other commitments came into play there too.

So the Summer was very busy — in a good way.

Now that the Summer is over and kids are back in school I have a private space where I can plan, write, record and so on and the date for publication is set.

On October 15th, roughly 5 weeks time, The Artist’s Manifesto will be available.

You’ll be able to purchase the paperback and Kindle version of The Artist’s Manifesto on Amazon.

I could have chosen broad distribution instead to iBooks, Barns & Noble etc. but all the advice I’ve read suggested to go exclusive with Amazon, at least initially.

It could prove to be a poor choice, but what do I know?

When you’ve never published a paperback before you have to wing it just a tad and see what happens.

I’ll take the advice of people who have come before and see how it works out for me.

The book isn’t available yet for preorder but I let you know when it is.

In the meantime, here’s the helicopter view of what I have planned to accompany the launch.

The Artist’s Manifesto Book Format

The Artist’s Manifesto Book will actually be two books;

  • A Kindle short-form version (I intend to make this free)

  • A Kindle & Paperback long-form version

There will be an MP3 Audiobook version of both the short-form and long-form which will be available for free when you join the Book Community.

Joining the Book Community will have two levels;

  1. FREE — for everyone who downloads the FREE short-form version

  2. Paid — for everyone who buys the long-form version

You can also become a monthly Patron which opens access to other Patron-only resources.

Find out about Patronage

The Artist’s Manifesto Book Community

I feel strongly that something worthwhile can be built on the back of The Artist’s Manifesto.

The research I’ve engaged in both in the course of my studies and for the book sends me deeper into the material and so I decided that a new dedicated website would be the right move.

The new site, which I’m building currently, will be live at on 15th October.

Here’s a screenshot

Manifesto Book Launch Website Screenshot

The Artist’s Manifesto Website

I could have used as the home for the book and all the complimentary content such as membership pages, articles, downloads etc. that will acompany the book.

But the content of this bookm and what it represents is very focused so I simply feel this book deserves its own home.

The new website will consist of the following;

An Online Version

The entire full length book will be available to read online. Yeah, I know…

Clever people will already know how to use PDF print extensions to download the book from from their browser.

They’ll also be able to copy and paste the pages into Word or Google Docs.

But you know what, if people want to go to that trouble to get the book then that tells me it’s worth something and they can go right ahead.

Those people are either too broke to buy it or too cheap for me to care.

I’m publishing the entire book online for SEO purposes.

And for those who do swipe it for free this way then all the best to them. I hope they are encouraged by its message.


Articles will be loooooong!

I’ll be aiming for at least 3000 words per article and each will be highly informative and actionable.

I’m taking inspiration from the likes of James Clear and Shane Parish. If you don’t know these guys then you should check out their stuff.

Article categories will fall under the following six top levels and will include psychology (my field of study), philosophy, the arts, sports & science.

  • Creativity

  • Mastery

  • Performance

  • Solitude

  • Work

  • The Self

I’ll be examining what experts in their fields of study have to say about what creativity is, how to access it, how to develop expertise and perform at the highest level possible.

It will be an extensive look at human performance, how and why it influences success, and how you and I can become happy and fulfilled from our work.

Every article written on the new site will endeavour to contribute towards principles laid out in the book.

And I should note; there’s no need to sign up for the new site. If you are a subscriber here you’ll get the Sunday Letters weekly article no matter which site it’s written on.

I’m looking forward to writing these already.


I’m making stuff that I think you’ll like. I don’t know if you will for sure but I’m making it anyway.

If there’s no take up on the merch then I’ll drop it — no biggie.

Of course, The Artist’s Manifesto will be available for purchase on the new site and will include a bunch of free stuff not available on other buying platforms.

Other merch includes;

The Artist’s Journal is only at idea stage and like all these things will need to be tested. All of it of course will live or die on the back of the book.

However, considering where I intend to take my research and writing, I’d say this is for the long hall.


Standard subscription to the site will be free to all and will include the weekly Sunday Letters article just like you guys get when you subscribe on this site.

The only difference going forward is that the articles I send you guys will be more focused on helping you implement the principles found in The Artist’s Manifesto.

Same newsletter, better content.


Patronage is already available to readers and listeners to The Larb Podcast and it allows you access to Patron-only content and behind the scenes stuff.

The only thing I offer currently for sale here is my upcoming book.

Everything else I make is free.

Sure, I have a day job that currently funds my activity online and helps keep the lights on at home, but writing is where my passion lies and I’d prefer to do it full-time.

If you like what I do and you’d like to support me in my work then perhaps consider becoming a Patron.

As The Artist’s Manifesto website continues to expand I’ll have a greater breadth of content including PDF downloads, free books, and audio & video content reserved for Patrons

Find out about Patronage

Until Next Week…

I’ve got a ton of work to do to get this book and the associated content live and on time for 15th October launch.

In the meantime I’ll be building out articles and other content on the new site.

Don’t be surprised therefore if future Sunday Letters articles are at home on The Artist’s Manifesto website.

You may well be directed there.

However, it will still be me behind them.

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