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Just Launched: A Writer’s Giveaway With Top Prize of $1,900 in Marketing Tools For Writers

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Just Launched: A Writer’s Giveaway With Top Prize of $1,900 in Marketing Tools For Writers

If you’re a regular reader here you’ll know that later this month is the launch of The Artist’s Manifesto

…the book that encourages you to make your stuff for the sake of it — without the need for applause.

And as part of the lead-up to the launch, I figured I’d build some additional value for you all.

Whether you’re new to the content here or you’ve been reading for a while, this Giveaway has been built with your creative needs in mind.

You are the writers, authors, bloggers and all-around creative people, visiting your desk every day attempting to make a dent in the world.

And I know how difficult that can be.

The Artist’s Manifesto says; sharing your work with the world is the other side of the creative coin.

It’s of vital importance.

So I reached out to some top marketers and asked them to join me in offering you a seriously heavy duty marketing prize.

Top online businesses have come on board. People like;

Cory Huff of The Abundant Artist, CJ McDaniel of Adazing Book Marketing, StudioPress WordPress Themes, Ninja Outreach, Pressbooks, ProWriting Aid and BestSelf have all joined as prize givers.

If you market your creative work online then you’re bound to get some real value from this Giveaway.

The Main Prize

Here’s how the writer’s prize breaks down…

  • Cory Huff from the Abundant Artist, TAAA Subscription $400.00 value

  • StudioPress, ProPlus WordPress Theme Package $499.95 value

  • Ninja Outreach Blogger Account $414.00 value

  • CJ McDaniel, Adazing Book Marketing Author Academy $207.00 value

  • ProWritingAid Lifetime Subscription $175.00 value

  • PressBooks book writing & formatting, eBook Pro Account $99.00 value

  • Best Self SELFJournal $39.00 value

  • 6 Select Books for Artists & Creatives $30.00 value

  • The Artist’s Manifesto Paperback, eBook & Audiobook $49.00 value

Total Prize $1,912.95

The more you share the more your chances of winning increase!

Enter The Writer’s Marketing Toolbox Giveaway

Enter The Writer’s Marketing Toolbox Giveaway to be in with a chance to win over $1,900 in marketing tools from some of the most trusted names in marketing. ENTER THE GIVEAWAY


The especially great thing about this Writer’s Giveaway is that everybody who enters will win.

Yes, all you have to do to get a discount on these products and services is to enter just once.

The more you share the Giveaway, the better the chance you have of winning the main prize, but all you need to do to grab the discounts is to enter once.

Here’s what everyone who enters wins…

  1. ProWriting Aid 20% off

  2. Adazing 20% off

  3. BestSelf 20% off

  4. Pressbooks 20% off

  5. StudioPress by Copyblogger 35% off themes

  6. A free digital version of The Artist’s Manifesto

In some cases, in order to make these discounts happen, I’ve had to offer up affiliate commissions so to get these discounts you’ll need to purchase via special links I’ll send you after the Giveaway has finished.

More About The Prizes

Here’s a little more information about the prizes and links to get the full lowdown on each one


The Abundant Artist Association is a members-only community program for professional artists who intend to make a living through their art, complete with courses and other bonuses. The Association’s goal is to help you make real money and real connections.

Learn more about The Abundant Artist’s Association


The Author Academy teaches every method, gives you every tool and unlocks every secret needed to successfully launch and promote your book including video courses, graphics and tools, book mockups and lots more.

Find out more about The Author Academy from Adazing


StudioPress by Copyblogger combine expert knowledge in SEO, design, performance, security, support, and (of course) WordPress to help you build reliable, beautiful WordPress sites.

Find out more about StudioPress


Ninja Outreach is a web-based outreach software that does everything you need to create successful influencer outreach campaigns to help you connect with influencers and spread the word about your work.

Find out more about Ninja Outreach


ProWriting Aid in the editing tool that allows you edit faster, fix styling issues, avoid plagiarism, eliminate errors, find the right words and integrates with Google Docs, Openoffice, Chrome, Word and Scrivener.

Find out more about ProWriting Aid


Pressbooks is easy-to-use book writing software that lets you create a book in all the formats you need to publish. Pressbooks delivers print-ready files for CreateSpace, IngramSpark and Lightning Source, as well as ebook files optimized for all ebook stores.

Find out more about Pressbooks


BestSelf have kindly donated a SELFjournal as part of the prize. The SELFjournal is a great way to stay on track for achieving your creative goals. The SELF Journal helps organize and align the tactical day- to day tasks with your larger life goals.

Find out more about BestSelf


You are probably familiar with The Artist’s Manifesto by now and you likely have a copy in your email inbox. If not though, you can get the short form version here. The Artist’s Manifesto paperback is due out later this month

Find out more about The Artist’s Manifesto


As a little sweetener, I have thrown in six books that I either read or have on my side table waiting to be read. My favourite of these so far in Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art Of Writing. It’s by a writer about writing but really the overriding message can be attributed to any creative endeavour.

Enter The Writer’s Marketing Toolbox Giveaway

Enter The Writer’s Marketing Toolbox Giveaway to be in with a chance to win over $1,900 in marketing tools from some of the most trusted names in marketing. ENTER THE GIVEAWAY

So that’s it.

All that’s left now for you to do is to go Giveaway page, enter your email and your first name. You’ll be added to my list (if you are not already) and I’ll email you updates and of course news about the winner.

The draw for the main prize will take place on Monday 14th May and I’ll announce it here on the blog, to you on email and on Social Media too.

Don’t forget to read the Giveaway rules and of course share the link as much as possible to gain further entries!


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