Political Cybernetic Organisms

Perhaps the greatest danger to humanity is not artificial intelligence, but ourselves.

“white and brown human robot illustration” by Franck V. on Unsplash

Perhaps the greatest danger to humanity is not artificial intelligence, but ourselves.

There is a great debate right now about the possible negative impact of AI on the future of the human race. Some say we could be wiped out by cyborgs. Some say that we may be integrated with machines, discarding our organic bodies for advanced biomechanisms. But perhaps the greatest danger to humanity is still human beings.

I flicked on Twitter this morning and I watched a short video of a US politician running for election to the House of Representatives being interviewed about a comment she made about something or other. It was controversial and the reporter latched on to it. He didn’t get a straight answer (no surprise there) so he pressed her further for an answer.

She maintained a robotic political response so typical now of those in the public domain, with something to hide and fearful of being exposed, and it made me think.

Political responses allow us to align with the bureaucracy of institutional thought, blocking out intuitive ideas and connection to our fellow human beings. It is forebrain linear thinking at its most dangerous, allowing us to justify all kinds of insane behaviour. It’s predominant and I think its getting worse.

People are worried about AI, and maybe rightly so, but perhaps it’s still human beings, incapable of understanding who they are at a deeper level of existence, that is the real danger.

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