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What do you want to achieve in your work?

Never Enough Time

223 A US Air Force Pilot on The Meaning of Work

Friday Book Club: Carol Dweck's Mindset

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Wage Slavery & The Fundamental Problem with The Workplace

It's Autumn, Thank God

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What do you think?

Introduction To Peak Human Performance

[Bonus] Beyond An Economy of Work & Spend

222 On The Merit of Doing Nothing

[Bonus] Bukowski on Work

You Abstract Working Mule of A Human

What work do you do?

221 Peak Performer

[Bonus] Implicit Bias In Children's Coaching

220 The Magic of Donald Thomas

Talent: You Either Have It Or You Don't

219 Dr Jonathan Murphy on Free Speech, Psychology, Future of Work, AI, & Identity

The Hidden Benefit In Boring

The Need For Luxury [Bonus]

218 Thoughts on Resilience

Four Ways To Build Resilience

On Goal Setting [Bonus]

The Dark Side of Goal Setting

217 Owen O'Malley on Commanding Your Own Money

Work: Struggling, Surviving, and Thriving [Bonus]

216 Kropotkin & The Conquest of Bread

Wilhelm von Humboldt on Work [Bonus]

215 New Episodes of Sunday Letters


Made For More Than Disturbing Dirt

Sunday Letters: A Re-introduction

Can you help with research for a book I'm working on?

Sunday Letters Returns

We take ourselves with us, always.

On Regret

On Commanding Your Own Work

Becoming A Genius: 3 Stages of Creative Expertise


Work & Our Hegemonic Common Sense About It

Self Determination Theory: What Motivates You To Work



The joke is on you

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Tidy The Garden or Remove The Weeds?

I Think, Therefore, I Am Not [Free]

For The Love of Power & Control

From The Archive: The 7 Properties of Play

Goal or Process?

Do You Work For Yourself?

Caught In The Gap

214 Jung on The Human Condition

A Place Hidden From Everyday Reality

What's the worst job you ever had?

What keeps you from sleep?