Wishing you and your family the very best this Christmas
Jung on The Human ConditionListen now (13 min) | On the pursuit of happiness and the drama of life.
A collection of poems and a few thoughts on making things
Published in 2019, this article on Maslow's concept of peak experience was one of the most popular from Sunday Letters.
What keeps you from sleep?New year and all that bollocks… it might as well be a random wet Tuesday afternoon in April for all that it really means. Today is the same as y…
Contribute to this research into the wellbeing of self-employed people
The Gnömic Issue 008
Issue 128: Watching A Loved One Pass AwayListen now | 01:13am on the last day of the year, I watched her slip away. Quiet, no fuss, one last breath, then silence.
A psychological model for reducing pessimism, increasing optimism for the future and developing meaning and purpose in one's life.
The Pulitzer Prize-winning author writes on the turbulent mind of a writer, the right dosing of coffee for creative work, and the merit in serving an…
A Leadership Lesson From An Older GenerationListen now (25 min) | From a time when autocratic leadership was the norm, some held true to humanistic ethical values even if they didn't realise it.
Inauthentic Leadership & The Centrality of ImagesListen now (27 min) | For many, short-term success and its perception is more important than sustainability, and the welfare of our fellow human beings…