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On resolving the paradox of accepting difficulty
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February 2023

In recent research, I found almost half of respondents said they were at odds with their work. Is there a way out for these workers?

January 2023

Extract from the upcoming revision to the 2020 ebook on Resilience
I like the four-pack, full-fat natural yoghurt from the local supermarket. Unsweetened, unflavoured and made in West Cork, apparently. I take a small…
Better start that thing...
Thoughts on time, work, life, and an invitation to make a change

December 2022

It will take a lot for the tight angle of the sun to melt the ice on the south side of rooves today. It's low in the sky, turning cold mist into a…
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What do you want to achieve in your work?January 1st is typically a time to wipe the slate clean, start a new thing, get a new job, and adopt a fresh approach to life. I generally don’t…