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Larry G. Maguire | Psychologist, Lecturer & Writer

Hi…I’m Larry Maguire, Work & Organisational Psychologist in private practice, writer and lecturer in psychology. I am a socialist in the very best sense of the word - a humanist socialist. I am for people and for freedom in life and work insofar as that is possible within the limits of our culture.

I obtained my BA in psychology from Dublin Business School and my MSc in Work & Org Psychology from Dublin City University. I am a graduate member of the Psychological Society of Ireland and a member of The Association for Coaching. Thanks for coming over to check things out.

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What Sunday Letters is about

In The Sunday Letters Journal, I write about life & work, the future of work, and leadership. I pursue answers to the question of how we may work free from the burden of hierarchical and financial constraints and finally command our own work. Because not many of us work free. Even those of us who are self-employed often find ourselves bound to one or another animate or inanimate master. We are, in that sense, enslaved by our own capitalist systems - a merry-go-round from which we cannot escape.

Not only does the workplace assault impact our personal freedom, but it is also an assault on the planet. The insatiable pursuit of growth and profit by the few and the promise of its attainment for everyone else bleeds the land of all it has to offer. Not all of us experience the profit that accrues from this exploitation of people and the land, in fact, about 90% of the profit goes to only a few per cent of people. The gap between rich and poor is ever-widening, and the planet is under increasing levels of stress. We know this very well, yet still, we feed the machine of industry with our time, attention, and meagre earnings.

So I’m looking for a better way. A better way to live both in and out of that thing we call work, and perhaps in the process, find the fulfilment and happiness we’re looking for and live in harmony with the planet rather than its adversary. I don’t believe it’s an unachievable goal.

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Regards, Larry

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Larry G. Maguire

I am a work & organisational psychologist in private practice, recovering entrepreneur, and peer-reviewed author writing about daily work and our relationship with it.