Hi Larry. I do not remember how/where I first heard about your work, but in rummaging through files yesterday looking for something, I came upon a 2019 article of yours on analogical thinking, bunched into a folder on personal development/ideas for project, along with some others that just happen to be relevant to this post (role of worker/labor vis a vis the corporation/business-owners of capital and means of production).

I gathered it all up to help me think about responding to another recent post from within a group thinking about transforming society - capitalism, democracy-governance, spiritual development. The article was "The Adaptation Economy".

Part of my reply to it, should I write it, will address the crux of this post as part of necessary strategies for both changing/evolving Capitalism and emowering workers. It would be based on the principles delineated from the Democracy Collaborative, who is doing very good work. Broadly, these principles are: 1- Labor matters more than capital, 2- Local, broad-based ownership matters, 3-Active democratic ownership & participation matter, 4- Multipliers matter (community ecosystem of mutual business), 5- Localizing investment matters, 6- Collaboration matters, 7- Place really matter, 8- Community Wealth is where the next system begins.

I will explore other articles. Thanks for this post and what you are doing.



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Hi Jim, thanks for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts. These things need changing, bit like the weather, it's difficult to predict how the complexity of forces in the world will conspire to create the future. We have a say, and we can influence things, but to what extent I wonder. Thanks for the links I'll read these later tonight. And I'll be interested to read what you have on the points you highlighted about. Work is such an important aspect of life and vital that we have these conversations. Thanks a million for your support!

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