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I agree but I do not think that it is strictly "top-down" where the leaders decide what the value system is for the rest of society. Society, family, community, the school system etc.. are all contributing factors and will coach an individual from birth to buy into trading some of his freedom in exchange for relative security and a set of "values". If we agree to this contract, we as individuals will need to be "good citizens", conform to the value system and become the shills of system by perpetuating its values and convincing others of its legitimity. If we decide to operate outside of that, we are shunned, and become the bums of society. The fear of not belonging is a big motivator.

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100% with you on this, Larry. Interesting ideas related in https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/53328332


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Jason Hickel, yes I've been browsing his material in recent times. Thanks for the book rec!

Less is More.... all the best convincing the power centres Jason.

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