Hello Larry!

I am currently redefining my work for the support of the Arpitan language in the municipality of Savièse, in Valais, in Switzerland and at the larger level of Arpitania, all around Mont-Blanc. The fact of facing a concrete project has helped me to create some documents I didn't know were missing. Thus, similarly to what I perceive that you imply, the perspective of doing something precise, not necessarily too ambitious but simply close-at-hand, has proved very exciting. In other terms, having a concrete goal, which would not be the large frame of things, but just one step towards the overall "glorious" goal, can be both energising and rewarding.

Within theses small projects, contact with people something I am betting on; there is uncertainty when you try to get in touch with others, but feeling useful or at least that you have a place to "state", motivates me at the moment. For too many years, I have thought I could do things on my own, over the Internet, and that I could trigger the interest of the youngsters in my municipality just by posting on my blog or creating youtube videos in Arpitan.

Thank you for your question or suggestion that has triggered my reflection on my own behaviour.

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This is the second time language has come up in conversation for me although different contexts. In any project, there is a sense of certain milestones to be reached, but for me it feels not linear as might be the case for others. They might even be a bit fuzzy, and might not look at all like I imagined them. And I think that's where the excitement is, the prospect of being surprised. It seems to me that once we know what we're doing now and allow ourselves go deep into that, good stuff happens. Bad stuff too, but that's unavoidable imo. Maybe my mistake in the past was believing that results needed to turn out a given way for the effort to have been successful. The naivety of youth perhaps! The very best with your project Dzakyem and thanks for engaging with me here.

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