Spontaneous Laughter

I was sitting late one night recently when spontaneous laughter came on me from a source that I can only say was not me. At least it was…

image of a tree on a hill at sunset for poem by Larry G. Maguire

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I was sitting late one night recently when spontaneous laughter came on me from a source that I can only say was not me. At least it was not that which I typically refer to as me. It was still me but it felt more like I was in observation of it rather than expressing it. I was not the one doing the laughing, yet I was. It has happened before several times. Often when I am alone, in fact, always when I am alone. It’s as if something else takes over command of the ship. So I took the opportunity to write what I felt. Here’s what came out. It’s called Spontaneous Laughter.

Oh, by the way, I should mention that I was half pissed on good red wine at the time.

Spontaneous Laughter

Spontaneous laughter came on me
The evening late as I contemplated thee
Alone in the quiet of my solitude
Thoughts rambling as I looked for you
Left alone was I, it was merely me
Sitting here drinking tea
Ok so it wasn’t tea, I tell a lie
Twas Dada, I admit to you with a wry
Smile on my face as a tear came down
My cheek unaccompanied by a frown
For I laughed aloud unbeknownst to me
The reason was not yet plain to see
But in the absence of curiosity came
The answer to this an amusing game
In which I dwelled consumed by laughter
As I read aloud that which I thought thereafter

Absurd you see for in that drunken space
With Dada as my only Grace
A realisation that which came at once
The truth to this half-drunken dunce
That it and I are in fact one
Wine or not the truth be done
That unified I will someday be
With that which laughs out loud with me
When I’m off guard late of easy mind
With Dada that I quickly find
Insobriety allows my master
bring out in me spontaneous laughter

Whose wonder that is often hid
From you and me the truth forbid
But late when I’m intoxicated
Free from the place where I am castigated
By those to whom I must perform
A superficial show to appease the norm
A sketch of me born from fear
For it is that makes laughter disappear
But gladly this is not the case
When we’re alone in that private space
With Dada, you and I can be thereafter
Engaged in beautiful spontaneous laughter

Poem by Larry G. Maguire originally published on larrygmaguire.com on 15th April 2018. All rights reserved. Syndication by specific written permission of the author only. You’ll also find a version of this poem on The Creative Café.

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