Cold Is The City

A poem

Cold is the city
Unnamed, disappeared am I in its midst
In the face of everpresent isolation
Only found a sunset where you do not exist

Light and noise surround me
Stabbed — sickly fire rushes through my veins
One thousand feet pound the concrete
Malevolence can’t see me just the same

Darkness descends on me at every corner
Cold penetrates my skin right through to bone
No choice, I must embrace the devil
No choice, for his is all I own

Distant is the place for me wherein
Held by you in your still and warm embrace
A time where you and I were unified
Little memory now, only vacant stares, a trace

Cold in the city I lurk below the line of sight
I wonder if you are just like me
Despair be my constant companion
Underneath the busy layer my silent decree

Cold city you are all that’s left to me
As blue lights flash the early mourning call
Life leaves the eyes of perhaps a friend, another exit
Another one from disgrace alone does fall

Sadness, yet a somewhat morbid beauty in his passing
Little option but to see out the road I chose
Jouissance in every hour of my existence
Jouissance, in fact, there’s nothing left to lose

Am I a blessed generate of the city?
Am I a blessed member of this cold-hearted place?
A blessed cornerstone of the inner city?
A blessed member of an unhuman race?

Darkened hearts take up your corners of the city
Celebrate the life and death of those lost, forlorn
For nothing grants you elevation from the city
Accept this now, I must, for the sake of Gods unborn

© Larry G. Maguire 2019