Unworking is a redefining of daily work. It is using the psychology of creativity, behaviour and performance to take command of your own daily work.

What happens when performance-based goal setting overshadows learning and development and blinds us to the extrinsic impact of our actions.
Thoughts on personal autonomy in work and its imperative for psychological health
How László Polgár and his wife Klara used László's theory of creative genius to turn his three daughters into world champions chess players
What keeps you bound to the job you hate and keeps you from truly commanding your own daily work
How to command your own daily work, work that fulfils and sustains for a lifetime
Psychiatrist Stuart Brown on the importance of play over and within work for a happy and fulfilled life
The Pulitzer Prize-winning author writes on the turbulent mind of a writer, the right dosing of coffee for creative work, and the merit in serving an…
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