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Hi Larry

I wish sometimes; I do not have so much experience with Suicide.

I firmly believe this act is a personal choice, and I do not think less of the people close to me who have chosen this route to a different dimension for their energy. I have assisted in making this transition. Watching the light of life leave the eyes of my dear friend

Steven and my Mother Mary tore something from me. However, their decision was not a compulsive thing.

A young person is indeed in need of counseling because they are unaware of alternatives.

You are right about the families of these sad and scared youngsters. I firmly believe they are responsible for not knowing their children.

I and many others terribly miss Robin Williams and Phillip Hoffman, but I respect their choices that were not compulsive.

I volunteer at a hospice, and these individuals I do not know personally, are always grateful for the hand-holding and unjudgemental company as they do their passing most of the time gladly knowing they did this life well and are ready.

What I do not understand and is causing me stress and anxiety is the number of incidents of "suicide by Cop"

I live in Colorado, and every two weeks, lately, some psychopath goes rampaging with army-style gunnery out to die and tries to take as many innocents with him as possible.

Two days ago in my favorite little area of Old Town Arvada, a wonderful man I have said Hi to and thanked for his service as a policeman, many times was murdered!

The lunatic then fired into the area crowded with happy kids and people enjoying the shopping and sunshine.

His wish to die was granted.

WHY? Why did he want to take others with him?

I would be comforted by any ideas of yours.

I feel sick thinking about this. You're right.

Maybe writing about what upsets us helps a little.

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