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Hey Larry

Thanks again for another thoughtful listen.

This comment covers The Corporization of the world by the 1% of the money holders of the world, (Amazon for example), and the face and profiles the employee present to its customer.

The corporation's goal is only to make a profit. A Monopoly used to be illegal.

A "bone between my teeth" is the customer or product or service to the customer is now an irritant and drain on the corporation bottom line. A line item for cost reduction to increase profit.

Once upon a time, a business put its profits back into the business to improve its service or product. The profits went back into the business to share with good employees trained to sell or make a good thing with honesty. There was a real personal interaction here and people were proud and happy.


I live in a small building with 20 apartments. When I first moved here it was privately owned and I had personal relationships with the owner and staff. All of us did our jobs in our roles with friendly and polite manners.

The place was sold to a corporate Co. which owns 1000s of apartments all over the country

All staff were replaced with the impersonal shit-assed fake smiley faces that say to themselves,

"Oh, that is 12 E." Hmmm, "Am I getting every dollar for everything at 12 E?"

I introduced myself with my first name to the new manager from Missouri and she continues to refer to me as 12 E.

I need a new window screen and my verbal request was answered with, "12 E, You must E-mail

a work order to corporate headquarters in California for an assessment of need"

I tried to look in the eyes of this corporate-trained person. she will not make eye contact.

She is programmed to have no personal connection with the spaces she is in charge of, (I am space 12 E). 12 E, 750 square ft, is worth 1500$ a month.

She made me very angry by inferring that maybe my screen was OK and that I was possibly hallucinating or exaggerating. I had to leave the office outraged and insulted and before I went into a turret-like frenzy.

She speaks to me with corp profit first in mind as she was trained to do, Just business, all about money and profit, nothing personal.


P.S. Come and visit Golden, Colorado. High Desert climate is a wonderful place to live. and Golden is on the east slope of the Rockies.

Do you have an e-mail or way for me to send a drawing of "corp-face"? I am redsandsart@gmail.com

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I have comments to come on your other audio's. Know that I do listen and enjoy.

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Hey Larry

I love listening to you. Most of my reading is audio.

Thank you again for another thought provoking listen.

"Who am I?" goes along with "why can't I find my Place in this world?" to be myself.

My dream from childhood is to be an artist. I want to wake in the mornings to thoughts of an appreciation of things that matter, like the colors in the sunrise or the miracles of spring in the life returning to the landscapes.

I do my best to buy things that are not packaged in plastic and other things related to whats is destroying this world. I will pick up take out food trash that some moron threw out the window of their loud and polluting pig-pick-up truck last night.

I have to work to pay the rent and have found that elder care of folks who do not wish to join their assisted living communities suits me.

I am a 76 year old arthritic and my client is a 92 year old physicist retired from Lockheed.

Yesterday was warm and the last snow storm was melted and we enjoyed one of our first outings. This man has absolutely no connection to the natural world of this planet.

He lives in the main room of a 100 year old cabin on a 15% slope in Deer Creek Canyon and is obsessed with saving money. He has no windows that open that waste heat.

His thoughts are never far from stock market and money.

He ask me yesterday as we stood in an open space watching an eagle grab a fish off the surface of the mountain lake.

" Why do you want to think about all these things?"

We were breathing in the scents of the evergreens and lake and shoreline.

and I was describing the names of the birds around us and the names of the animals we saw.

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