The Leadership Series: The Essence of Leadership

The first essay in a series on the art of ethical leadership and working successfully with others.

This week in Sunday Letters begins a series on leadership. Over the next six weeks, I’ll bring you essays on the paradox of success, Machiavellianism, inauthentic leadership, and new Capitalism, amongst other topics. These essays previously lived on a minuscule publication (The Lead) that I started on a whim a few months ago that is now moving here to Sunday Letters. I hope you’ll enjoy these essays and the perspectives they represent. After all, they represent in large part my personal philosophy on how to work successfully with others. Read or listen to the full essay…

The Essence of Leadership

The essence of leadership is not so simple to capture, and perspectives are broad and varied. For example, there are the perspectives of gender, personality, social context, culture, and ethics, to mention a few. It may be, in fact, impossible to define concretely what leadership is; nevertheless, to explore the concept and endeavour to understand it is to understand oneself and, therefore, make better leadership decisions. Understanding oneself is perhaps the most crucial component in living a fulfilling life, let alone in leading others. And so, this self-pursuit will form the core of many essays here on The Lead. Development is a lifelong project that is, perhaps, never complete. Therefore knowing oneself, lies at the seat of effective leadership.

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