Mar 18, 2018 • 7M

TDL122 Effects of Stress on Creativity

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Welcome to today's Sunday Letters. Effects Of Stress On Creativity In recent episodes of The Daily Larb Podcast, I’ve been speaking a lot about the importance of creating for the sake of it, for the benefit of one’s self as a priority. Harry Hoban reminded me of this on a recent episode of The Irish Songwriter’s Podcast hosted by my friend Ray Heffernan. Harry said that he writes for himself first and has no thought for the listener. Some of us believe in our naivety, that this approach is damaging to our success. But as The Artist’s Manifesto says, this selfish approach is vital if we are to make something worthwhile. Worthwhile not only to ourselves but to others too, because when we make something from that pure place, others want to be a part of it – eventually. True success can’t be based on the feedback from others. Investing in that applause will invariably take us away from the place we are meant to be. That outside focus on other people and their response to the stuff w --- Send in a voice message: