Mar 7, 2018 • 22M

TDL113 When Your Launch Fails

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Larry G. Maguire
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Today on the podcast I'm asking; what do you do when your launch fails? You spent probably months building this thing and you go to the world with it and it bombs. Nobody buys. But hold on, these people you went to with your thing already listen and engage with you, they believe your message. So why didn't they buy? Well, there could have been any number of reason why they didn't buy your thing and trying to figure that out right now is totally impossible, and in fact, counter productive. It will take time. But most importantly right now is that you dust yourself off, drop the negative sentiment you hold about it, try to see it for what it is - a learning experience, and go at it again. Or, do something completely different and see where the momentum takes you. As creative people building a business around our work, we have the potential to create something great or not, and that result will depend on the nature of the energy we put into the thing. Are you predominantly positive or neg --- Send in a voice message: