Mar 5, 2018 • 17M

TDL110 Why The Small Things Count

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Larry G. Maguire
The Sunday Letters Podcast is the weekly audio newsletter from organisational psychologist Larry Maguire on the meaning & purpose of daily work and our paradoxical relationship with it. We explore how we may break free from tiresome means-to-an-end labour and take command of their own working lives. Topics include solo working, careers, entrepreneurship, small business economics, society and culture. Content follows the written newsletter, which goes out to subscribers every Sunday.
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Today I'm taking a look at the idea that you and I are really not prepared very well for challenging times. Too much convenience makes us weak. For example; we had a big snow here recently and most of us were completely ill-equipped to deal with it. Modern life in big cities makes us dependent and useless and we can only look at ourselves to explain that. I looked at myself and saw that I had no tools to clear the snow, my clothes were adequate but my kids' clothes were not. Out and about in the snow, I saw that pretty much everyone I observed had very poor clothes for the snow. Anyway, it makes me think about why the little things that are done daily add up to help us deal with challenging circumstances and why doing those little things when it seems unnecessary is what makes it all necessary later. I'm also taking today about books. I bought a couple new books and I want to tell you about that too. --- Send in a voice message: