TDL025 Monday Marketing 20 Nov

Listen now (24 min) | Good Morning Peeps 🌞 • No problem & thanks! • Thank you • Interesting insights on anchors algorithm. Thanks 🙏🏽 • Why don't you look at the numbers? • Travis, My View On Stats 📈 • Monday Marketing Part 1 • Monday Marketing Part 2 • Monday Marketing Part 3; Automation This week, I’m gonna get into the nitty gritty detail of how to schedule tweets around the clock, 24 hours, completely on autopilot. Occasionally I edit the schedule or delete content from the stream because it’s not relevant, but largely, the content I tee up is refined and specific to the audience I wish to attract. By following what I’m gonna show you, you can do this too with only $9 a month for a Buffer account and about the same for a Feedly Pro account. So let’s jump into it! The following article was first written on 17th September 2015 a --- Send in a voice message:

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