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TDL018 Bonus Episode 10/11

TDL018 Bonus Episode 10/11

Aracnoid Question Again! πŸ•·πŸ˜± β€’ Fuck that shit! β€’ Mastery is not mastery. β€’ Mastery: A Process β€’ ☎️ Spider Call Ins πŸ•· β€’ Swimming spiders?πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈπŸŠβ€β™€οΈπŸŠ β€’ Lewis You're Evil 😈 β€’ Hide them and wait for someone else to remove them β€’ I want the rest! πŸ•· β€’ Larry asks Spiders πŸ•· β€’ Continued...... β€’ The spider Lady πŸ•· β€’ Spider stories β€’ Freeloaders β€’ Loosing Toes: Not Cool πŸ•· β€’ ☎️ thanks or calling in Patrick β€’ Thanks for all the call ins β˜ŽοΈπŸ‘ --- Send in a voice message:

The Sunday Letters Journal
Sunday Letters
The Sunday Letters Podcast is the weekly audio newsletter on the meaning & purpose of daily work from work and business psychologist Larry Maguire and philosopher Dmitri Belikov. We explore how human beings may break free from tiresome means-to-an-end labour and take command of their own working lives. Topics include daily work, jobs and careers, self-employment, socialism, capitalism, economics, slavery, colonialism, and society & culture. Content follows the written newsletter, which goes out to subscribers every Sunday.
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