Sep 2, 2018 • 23M

EP163 When Is The Right Time To Quit?

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Larry G. Maguire
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Read the article here; Support the show here; Is there such a thing as the right time to quit and how do we tell that time has arrived? Giving up, quitting on something is kind of frowned upon, isn't it? I mean, there seems to be this popular notion in western industrialised society that to kill something that's not working is a terrible thing. It seems there's virtue in keeping something alive that's dying. It might bring you to your knees but by Jasus, you'd better keep trying to make it work as long as there's a breath in your body or else... Imagine running a business. You've put your heart and soul into it. It's a reflection of you. It IS you! Something went wrong along the way and the business isn't making money any more. But you have responsibilities to suppliers, staff, your own family and perhaps investors. To let it die is a fate worse than death. --- Send in a voice message: