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219 Dr Jonathan Murphy on Free Speech, Psychology, Future of Work, AI, & Identity

219 Dr Jonathan Murphy on Free Speech, Psychology, Future of Work, AI, & Identity

In conversation with Dr Jonathan Murphy, Senior Executive at Enterprise Ireland

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In this week’s (lengthy) episode, I’m in conversation with Dr Jonathan Murphy, Senior Executive and Programme Manager in Leadership at Enterprise Ireland. His work is in programme design and delivery for management and leadership capability development. His expertise is in the areas of cognition, decision-making, human performance, creativity, innovation, critical thinking and communication with the aim of growing psychological literacy in decision-makers and bridging the gap between research and practice. We discuss the concept of free speech in the digital world and its importance for a healthy, functioning society. We also discuss work, social responsibility, meaning and purpose in work, motivation to work, inclusion and diversity, remote working, work and personal identity, past and future of work, AI and the loss of manual jobs.

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02:50 Free Speech

23:00 Education & Critical Thinking

28:00 Psychology as a Discipline

32:00 Trusting Expertise

38:00 A Place for Violence

40:52 What’s your work?

45:20 How does work make you feel?

48:40 What did you want to be when you were a kid?

52:33 Meaning & purpose in work

53:20 Social & environmental responsibility

57:15 Micheal Porter on CSR

01:03:18 Remote working, well-being at work

01:05:00 Work and Personal Identity

01:13:20 What would you do if all your financial needs were met?

01:14:30 Past and future of work, universal basic income

01:28:40 AI, the Turing Test, Redefining Work

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